The hottest waste PS can produce styrene monomer

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Waste PS can produce styrene monomer

Toshiba equipment construction company in Japan is building a 1000t/a test device to produce packaging materials from waste polystyrene mixed with biological materials and chemical polymers. In fact, the idea of producing styrene monomer from fresh (PS) foamed plastics and plates and plates is not fresh. This set was launched in June last year and has been in operation for three months. Then the company plans to transfer this technology to the outside world

the company claims that good results have been obtained in the test on a kg/h pilot plant used by an electronic universal testing machine of Jinan new era assay instrument Co., Ltd. to collect and analyze data. In the test, molten waste PS is sent to a tubular reactor and decomposed between about 6.6kpa vacuum and ℃. The material obtained by decomposition is sent to two vacuum distillation towers in series. The first tower separates the lighter fraction, and the second tower separates the heavier fraction, resulting in 99, which is more intuitive in structure creation and operation Styrene monomer with 83% purity is an important material in household appliance industry

the yield of monomer is about 70% of waste PS. The remaining 30% is mainly heavy oil, which is used for heating in production. The company estimates that the capital construction cost of processing 3000t/a PS device is about US $3million, and the investment can be recovered annually

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