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The waste tire can first increase the endurance distance, and the rubber powder modified asphalt project is under construction.

the industrialization project of rubber powder modified asphalt of waste tire implemented by Sichuan Zigong Xinlong ocean environmental protection and Energy Development Co., Ltd. in July, has recently started construction in the industrial concentration area of Zigong High tech Industrial Park

the total investment of the project is 800million yuan. Advanced production technology and environmental protection measures are adopted. The oil (water) holes and oil (water) circuits must be clean and dredged in the production process. All of them must be completed in the sealing device, without waste water and slag discharge. The tail gas generated by heat conduction is fully discharged after three-stage purification treatment

after the completion of the project, the annual production capacity of 400000 tons of modified asphalt, 50000 tons of rubber powder modifier and 120000 tons of fine rubber powder can be formed. At the same time, 500000 old tires can be refurbished, 200000 tons of waste tires, waste rubber and 50000 tons of waste plastics can be purchased and processed every year

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