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Binzhou Zhanhua increased the inspection of fire-fighting products such as fire-fighting coatings

in order to fight the battle of "special rectification of fire-fighting products", further standardize and rectify the market order of fire-fighting products, and improve the quality of building fire-fighting products, in recent days, Zhanhua public security fire brigade has established a special inspection team to carry out fire-fighting products The inspection of indoor and outdoor decoration materials has severely cracked down on fake and inferior fire-fighting products and unqualified decoration materials, and achieved good results

this special action inspection mainly focuses on densely populated places and fire product distribution points, focusing on the supervision and inspection of the performance of fire extinguisher products. The business and maintenance units of fire products include fire alarm products, fire doors, fire extinguishing systems, fire emergency lights, fire extinguishers, fire paint and a series of products. If it is found that only a few technicians are needed to operate these production lines, which do not meet the market access system, products whose quality does not meet national and industrial standards, products that are officially eliminated by the state, products that are adulterated, fake as true, shoddy as good, and unqualified products that pass off as qualified products, they will be resolutely ordered to stop illegal acts, and punished according to law, so that the facts are clear, the evidence is conclusive, and the procedure is legal The punishment should be in place to put an end to arbitrary law enforcement and law enforcement disturbing residents. In the fourth quarter, the order volume of injection molding machines fell by nearly 5 percentage points compared with the same period in 2012

it is understood that in the future, the brigade will further strengthen the supervision and inspection of fire-fighting products in various industries, fields and units (places), and carry out ASTM G105 SAE Recommended Practice (Falex dry sand/rubber wheel apparatus) and other standards to investigate and deal with those units that have sampled and confirmed the use of unqualified fire-fighting products, We will severely crack down on all kinds of fire-fighting violations

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