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Changsha waste plastics refinery put into operation

Changsha Environmental Protection plasticization refinery founded by Changsha "garbage king" Wang Xu recently launched the second waste plastics refining production line. In this way, the plant will "eat" 30000 tons of waste plastics and refine 20000 tons of gasoline and diesel oil that meet the national standard in a year

Wang Xu invested 2.6 million yuan to set up an environmental friendly plasticizing refinery in 1999, trying to turn the "white garbage" of the city that could not be decomposed for hundreds of years into treasure

this cause has received strong support from Professor Zeng Guangming, doctoral supervisor of Hunan University. Zeng Guangming and his assistants have made great progress in the research on the technology of resource utilization of urban domestic waste to make room for other equipment and the incomplete matching configuration of electric cored preheating equipment with the data sheets of polymer providers in the equipment extrusion unit. They have also made laboratory achievements in the treatment of urban "white waste"

last year, after the start of the first production line built by Wang Xu using Japanese technology, he found that the produced oil contained carbon dioxide residue, which was easy to cause vehicle engine blockage. Zeng Guangming immediately carried out on-site research to improve the process and equipment. After that, the diesel and gasoline produced by the factory and the commissioning of 5 hydraulic universal material testing machine were tested by Hunan Provincial Bureau of technical supervision and quality inspection institute, and they were completely qualified and reached the national standard

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