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The successful transformation of waste plastics into cement water reducing enhancers

White plastics and foam will not only mean pollution. A few days ago, it was learned from the Guangzhou Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences that the Guangzhou Institute of chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences used high technology to produce a high-efficiency cement water reducing enhancer with waste plastics as raw materials. The Guangzhou Institute of chemistry has cooperated with two Guangzhou enterprises to prepare for further development

according to the introduction, the researchers of Guangzhou Institute of chemistry spent two years to tackle the problems caused by the pollution caused by waste polystyrene, such as plastic packaging materials, fast-food lunch boxes, household plastic products, etc., and produced a new high-grade cement water reducing and reinforcing agent with the overall deployment of these waste plastics in combination with the reform of the scientific and technological system. It can not only enhance the strength of cement and the fluidity of concrete slurry, but also reduce the water volume of mixed cement concrete by 20%, and the cost is also very low. The market prospect is that the technical specification for concrete structure reinforcement cecs25:90 is better. It is estimated that the domestic market needs 2million tons of water reducer every year

it is reported that this achievement is the first project with independent intellectual property rights after the restructuring of Guangzhou Institute of chemistry within one year, and it is also the first project of the branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences stationed in the "Guangzhou Huanhe science and Technology Park" in Liwan District. Guangzhou Liwan District Productivity Promotion Center and Tianfa investment company immediately fell in love with this project, and three have signed a contract to develop this project

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