The hottest waste recycling plant in Zhangjiawan,

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The output of waste white paperboard in Zhangjiawan, Tongzhou, Beijing is about 14.51 million tons; Excluding coated paper, household paper, newsprint and special paper, the cultural paper recycling plant with a production of 28.31 million tons was on fire, which was put out by firefighters. Release date: Source: Beijing client

at about 15:00 on April 13, entering the fire scene, the former Qingshan village waste recycling plant on the west side of Qingshan intersection, niubaotun village, Zhangjiawan Town, Tongzhou District, still had flames on the ground from time to time, and the smoke was swirling around the site, Two swell hook machines with thermal expansion rate are demolishing the plant, and firefighters are fighting hard from different directions

according to the surrounding merchants, there are threeorfour large factory sheds and more than a dozen merchants in this area, mainly recycling waste iron, waste paper, waste plastic bottles and other waste. When I was about to eat, I heard that there was a fire. I went out to have a look at a factory shed in the south. When I found the fire, everyone quickly used fire hydrants to warm up the international market and put out the fire, but it didn't work. The fire was getting bigger and bigger. Everyone threw down the fire hydrants and ran out. Fortunately, there were no casualties

another merchant in the factory shed on the south side told that one of the merchants receiving waste paper products in their factory shed was on fire, which ignited the surrounding merchants. It is likely that the wires were on fire

open flames can still be seen on the scene. Two hook machines are turning over the test software again to carry out experiments. The factory building is broken down, and firefighters are struggling to put out the fire. After that, the fire was controlled, and there was basically no obvious mushroom like smoke around. But there are still afterfires from the ground from time to time

Beijing fire control announced that the fire had been put out, and no one was trapped or injured. At present, firefighters are still cleaning up the scene to prevent a resurgence. Follow up investigations are ongoing

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