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Titech, an expert in waste sorting, will participate in the 2012 China International Rubber and plastic exhibition held in Shanghai. Titech, a resource recycling brand with a core manufacturing technology of lutions and a leading global supplier of sensing automatic sorting systems, is pleased to announce that it will participate in the 2012 China International Rubber and plastic Exhibition (Chinaplas 2012) held in Shanghai on April, This is the largest international rubber and plastic exhibition in Asia. In this year's exhibition activities, Titech will focus on the sorting of plastic packaging, PET bottles and PET bottle chips, as well as the sorting of plastic fragments of electronic waste in accordance with WEEE directives. The target customers will be able to evaluate the advantages of rapid waste sorting and propose more valuable solutions for resource recovery operation management and environmental protection. The Chinese government has now listed resource recovery and environmental protection as the main goals of the country

in the Chinese market, customers are not unfamiliar with Titech. For the Chinese market, which is still dominated by manual sorting, Titech's participation in this exhibition shows that the company has continued to promote the market, and Titech will show local customers the advantages of its automatic sorting technology. At the same time, as a member of the tomra group, this exhibition is also a great opportunity for Titech to launch the brand logo of the new tomra sorting scheme

titech's exquisite sorting technology can also meet the requirements of high-altitude processing on the premise of ensuring high-performance performance. The sorted plastic can obtain higher purity, which also means that using less labor can obtain better quality products. Using the automatic sorting technology of Titech, customers can improve the sorting quality of plastics and improve the profitability of operation at the same time. The proven advanced Titech equipment is also very flexible, which will comprehensively ensure that customers maintain a strong position in the highly competitive market

jacob rognhaug, President of Titech China, said: "We are very happy to participate in Chinaplas 2012 International Rubber and plastic exhibition, which is the largest exhibition activity in China's plastic industry and has attracted many international and domestic visitors. In the Chinese and Asian markets, the plastic recycling industry is increasingly interested in automatic sorting technology, which is confirmed by our sales figures. Therefore, although this exhibition focuses on plastic processing in general, not just recycling, Chinaplas 2012 International Rubber and plastic The exhibition is still closely related to us. "

in addition to Mr. Jacob rognhaug, President of China, Titech will also have Mr. Ted Park, regional director of Asia, Mr. Chen Liangge, sales manager, and Ms. Lin Lin, sales assistant to attend the exhibition. All visitors to Chinaplas 2012 are welcome to visit the booth S27 of Titech in hall E6. Titech sales representatives will be happy to discuss with you the advantages of advanced automatic sorting technology and the solutions suitable for you

about Titech

Titech was founded in 1993. Its headquarters, R & D department and the world's largest automatic sorting test center are all located in Germany. In August, 2011, Titech set up a sales and service team in Xiamen, China, and has sold and installed more than 25 devices in China. Titech provides sorting solutions for almost all solid waste streams. So far, we have helped you further understand that the equipment that Titech has sold in China is mainly used for the sorting of e-waste, PET bottles, PET bottle chips and scrap metals

titech group has been renamed as "tom2, insulation thickness, overall dimension detection RA sorting scheme", and has unified the integration of three leading sensing sorting and processing technology brands: Titech (resource recovery), commodasonsort (mining) and Odenberg (food), which not only further consolidated the company's position as the world's leading sensor sorting technology supplier, Moreover, from the perspective of brand vision, it has further strengthened the connection with the parent company tomra systems ASA in Norway to ensure strong financial support

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