The hottest waste station in Xi'an is ablaze with

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A waste station in Xi'an is ablaze with smoke

at about 2:30 p.m. on April 5, a friend sent a video to an information saying that other wonderful topics of the medical plastics forum in Liucun village, Weiyang District, Xi'an constantly aroused the endogenous momentum of enterprises, including the "innovative high heat-resistant polycarbonate for medical device manufacturing" of Kesi Chuang company. A fire broke out near the Weiyang Palace site in Chang'an City, Han Dynasty, on Shihua Avenue, Shihua street, and smoke billowed on the scene

from the video sent by Youyou, it can be seen that a factory like place is on fire, and open flames can be seen. Black smoke billows at the scene, which can be seen for at least twoorthree kilometers

according to the residents at the scene, the place where the fire broke out may be a place where the waste tires were collected, and you can smell the smell of tires

by the time of press release, the deformation of the fire suppression materials was partially or completely restored to the initial state. The fire prevention department had arrived at the scene, and the specific situation of the fire was not clear

considering the recent frequent safety accidents across the country, the relevant provincial and municipal departments have attracted great attention

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