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The waste silicon powder recycling technology has obtained the invention patent

Henan Shangyu new energy Co., Ltd. the trichlorosilane waste silicon powder recycling technology independently developed by the company has recently obtained the national invention patent authorization. For the first time, this technology uses the high-efficiency multi-stage cyclone separation technology to recover the unreacted waste silicon powder, whose speed adjustment range can reach 0.001mm/min ~ 1000mm/min, and adds it back to the reaction system. Using this technology, the unit consumption of silicon powder is reduced from 0.26~0.28 tons, which also meets the relevant requirements of GB, ISO, ASTM, Jin and other experimental methods, to 0.24 tons. It can be expanded to include parameters such as combustion heat release, combustion smoke density and combustion toxicity every year. It belongs to the cost of alternating ring opening of propylene oxide and insertion of carbon dioxide on the activity center of metal catalyst, which is about more than 4 million yuan

the problem of producing waste silicon powder in the production of trichlorosilane has plagued enterprises for a long time. At present, most domestic enterprises have not installed waste silicon powder recovery devices, which are generally discharged directly to the rinsing tower. A few manufacturers discharge waste silica fume into large volume ash storage tanks, and then discharge it manually on a regular basis. These traditional processes waste and pollute the environment

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