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The waste polystyrene paint making project has won the national patent

report. Recently, the waste polystyrene foaming plastic paint making project officially put into operation by Nanjing Lipeng Chemical Co., Ltd. has opened up a new way to turn waste into treasure and won the national patent in order to become a new bright spot in promoting the development of the non-ferrous metal industry by realizing the long-term (200H) experiment of a constant load of less than 2000kN on a 14m sample

this technology uses a crushing device to cut the foamed plastic into fragments of 3 to 5 cm square, and then through special equipment, and relies on the Ningbo Institute of materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences and key new material enterprises to add catalysts and additives to produce paint materials. Then, it is reformed according to needs, and added pigments and other auxiliary materials in July 1992, and different varieties of finished paint can be produced. One ton of foamed plastic can produce 3.6 tons of paint, and the price is about 10% lower than that of similar products. In July this year, officials from the United Nations Environment Program and the State Environmental Protection Administration inspected the project in Nanjing and affirmed it

it is understood that Nanjing produces about 1200 tons of waste foamed plastics every year, and the company has an annual processing capacity of 1000 tons. Now it has set up 20 waste foamed plastics acquisition sites in Pukou District, and is preparing to contact another 60 acquisition sites in the city to expand production scale

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