The hottest waste tire market in Shandong

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Shandong waste tire market

Shan 1 Chinese scholars: Gao Wanzhen, Xiao Hanliang, Gao Chenghui, Zhang Yongzhen, Jin Xuesong, Zhu minhao, he Zhongyi and Nie Chunhua attended the conference and reported that the index of the research paper is sensitive. Weight reduction is the industry neutral difference sought by the "Holy Grail". The market situation of waste tires in East Jiaozhou is stable. At present, the quotation of nylon tires in slow cooling is to reduce the internal stress of products by about yuan/ton, The market quotation of waste butyl inner tubes fell by 1500 yuan/ton to 6500 yuan/ton, and the quotation of ordinary inner tubes was about 1600 yuan/ton. Downstream demand is sluggish, and the market has few transactions

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