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Introduction to China's cement industry entering the era of capital competition: notes at the world climate conference in Copenhagen, China's cement industry was regarded as one of the landmark events of China's energy conservation and emission reduction by eliminating 140 million tons of backward cement production capacity from 2006 to 2008; Also in 2009, cement was listed in the document No. 38 issued by the relevant national departments to strongly curb overcapacity

notes at the world climate conference in Copenhagen, China's cement industry was regarded as one of the landmark events of China's energy conservation and emission reduction by eliminating 140 million tons of backward cement production capacity from 2006 to 2008; Also in 2009, new wood plastic composite materials have great potential for environmental protection. Cement has been listed as a key industry to strongly curb overcapacity by the No. 8 document on minimum horizontal displacement of 3 flexible wires and load 104 issued by relevant national departments

as the most difficult year of China's economy moves away, the cement industry is intertwined and entangled with the attention and measurement of the government and the market, and once again becomes the focus

at the beginning of the new year, with these thoughts, China building materials news, China cement magazine and digital cement jointly interviewed Lei Qianzhi, President of China Cement Association, on how to review and evaluate the development trajectory of China's cement industry in 2009 and how to predict and analyze the market trend of China's cement industry in 2010

in 2009, driven by the 4trillion stimulus to economic growth, cement became one of the first industries to recover. The market performance of China's cement in 2009 almost shattered and overturned people's forecasts for the development of the cement industry at the beginning of the year, especially the demand of the cement market exceeded everyone's expectations. In this regard, chairman Lei Qianzhi repeatedly said "four unexpected"

chairman Lei said that he did not expect the cement market demand in 2009 to be so good. Preliminary statistical results show that the cement output in 2009 was nearly 1.65 billion tons, an increase of 250 million tons year-on-year. This increment is unprecedented not only in China but also in the history of cement development in the world. What is the concept of 250 million tons? It is equivalent to the sum of the annual cement output of India and the United States, which ranks second and third in the world

second, I didn't expect such a huge investment in cement. In 2009, the cement investment reached 170billion yuan, equivalent to the total cement investment during the Tenth Five Year Plan period and close to the total cement investment in the first three years of the eleventh five year plan

third, I didn't expect the annual profit of the cement industry to reach a new high. Preliminary statistics show that the total profit of China's cement industry is expected to exceed 40billion yuan in 2009. In the most difficult year of China's economy with the development of sensor skills, it can be said that it is not easy for the cement industry to achieve this benefit

fourth, I didn't expect that the effectiveness of M & A and integration in the cement industry has improved so significantly. In 2009, just after the Spring Festival, China building materials and Hony invested in the establishment of northern cement, as a seed crystal, to promote the joint reorganization of small and medium-sized cement enterprises in the northern region; In July, Red Lion acquired Jiangxi Huachang, and Jinyu holdings Tianjin Zhenxing; In September, Yatai acquired Jinyuan; In November, China Resources simultaneously acquired the equity of SDIC Hainan held by CCB Hainan branch and SDIC asset management company, becoming the holding company of SDIC Hainan; In December, acquisition and reorganization surged. At the beginning of the month, China Resources purchased the Chunwan cement project under construction through auction. Then, taini purchased Changxing mining with a huge sum of 3.8 billion yuan, followed by Jidong's acquisition of Qinling, and Sinoma holding Qilian Mountain. From the beginning of the year to the end of the year, we can almost see the clear figure of huge amounts of capital in the tide of giving birth to China cement group

in 2009, not only did the drums of reorganization and alliance ring loudly, but also the results were particularly remarkable. According to the report of Nanfang cement, in the first half of the year, nearly 70 cement plants distributed in Zhejiang were integrated according to their regional locations, and four branches were established to implement the integrated management of production, supply and marketing, human and property. The production line with relatively backward technical and economic indicators or poor product sales was limited or stopped. In just a few months, the purchase cost of coal fell by 5%, and the total amount of working capital was saved by 5%, The profit per ton of cement was at least 15 yuan higher than that before the integration, and it was achieved one year ahead of the initial results I had expected in three years. The development trend is very gratifying. According to Yatai's report, Yatai and Jinyuan belong to the Changchun market, and fierce competition makes no one willing to take the risk of unsalable prices. For a long time, prices have been depressed, and enterprises have been walking a tightrope on the breakeven line. After Yatai heavy money purchased Jinyuan, the sales price increased rapidly by 20 ~ 40 yuan/ton, and the enterprise began to have reasonable profits. The joint reorganization has achieved immediate results

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