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Haofeng times Lenovo Group deployed the sambadialer predictive dialing system

the customer service call center of Lenovo Group was completed in 1998. At that time, it was mainly responsible for the complaint handling and product consulting of Lenovo Group customers, focusing on inbound business. along with "In recent years, cutting-edge new materials such as structural materials and graphene have achieved rapid growth. The business development of Lenovo Group, the scale of call center has been expanding, and the business operation mode is also changing gradually. In order to further improve the quality of customer service and organically combine customer service and business promotion, Lenovo Group has increased the scale of outbound business. In 2003, after various comparisons and publicity Lenovo Group deployed Samba dialer forecast outbound system of Haofeng era. With the rapid expansion of outbound business, Lenovo soon expanded the capacity of samba system. So far, Lenovo Group has spoken highly of the operation of samba system and the resulting economic benefits

[system application mechanism and structure diagram]

Haofeng times helped Lenovo Group deploy Samba dialer predictive dialing system

Lenovo Group Li it is an instrument for measuring the manhole cover. With the existing Beidian option61c switch of the incoming system, the trunk of the outgoing system is centralized to the switch, so that the incoming and outgoing services can share the trunk line of the switch and connect it to the upper Telecommunications Bureau. Behind the call out system, 30 IP call out agents are deployed using advanced VOIP technology. All agents use LAN network lines to transmit voice, achieving voice data sharing data network, greatly simplifying network wiring and it management, and is conducive to the future trend of mobile office. Samba's prediction algorithm greatly improves the efficiency of outbound call services, and the campaign management and multi task processing functions enable Lenovo Group's multiple outbound services to be efficiently and organically combined and effectively managed

1. System operation architecture

(1) agent login to Samba dialer? In the system

(2)Samba Dialer? The system notifies iswitch. The outgoing dial-up server uses agent lines to queue up for outgoing calls

(3) iswitch uses agent lines to dial the agent

(4) then the outbound line of the outbound dial-up server starts outbound dialing

(5) PBX performs dialing processing and feeds the dialing results back to the outbound server

(6) iswitch filters out invalid answers and records them. If someone answers, connect the session through the outgoing dial-up server, connect the outbound line with the agent line, pop up the corresponding customer information and other application function interfaces in the agent desktop application, and the agent carries out relevant activities

2. Scale and business

120 independent outbound agents, 6e1 connected to the switch, the daily call volume is about 5000 times/every 30 agents, and the main functions are as follows:

? IVR dissatisfied return visit

? Repair order return visit

? User registration information return visit verification

? Lead tracking

? Agree to contact the next outbound call

? Order processing return visit

? Sales order result confirmation return visit

? Case

automatically closed by the system? Channel interview; Price support

? Market Research of relevant products

? Research on the characteristics of target user groups

mba Dialer? Application of

samba dialer? In this project, I was responsible for providing the platform generated from time to time by the external dialing Mutual Promotion Committee, and providing application development controls to cooperate with the main business system of Lenovo call center

4. Application result

Lenovo Group is using Samba dialer, Under the premise of ensuring the quality of service, the working efficiency of agent is improved by 2.5 times

Lenovo Group deploys Samba dialer predictive dialing system

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