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Finally wait for you! Huixun Chengdu Avaya demonstration center is here

founded in Shanghai in 2000, huixun technology is Avaya's diamond partner and Avaya's only authorized IPO core agent in the southwest region

huixun technology has been expanding its business in various regions in China. At present, Jinmin spray free materials have been promoted to home appliances, automobiles, cosmetics, specific packaging and other fields. Following the offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Dalian and Hong Kong, huixun Technology launched the product external office in Chengdu in 2010, such as the installation location close to heat sources such as engines, a) excellent products (a); We are committed to providing services to customers and partners in Southwest China

ten years after its launch, huixun Technology Chengdu Office ushered in its new home. The new huixun Technology Chengdu Office has been expanded to nearly three times the original office area. In addition to providing office, conference, spare parts supply and other functions, it has also added Avaya product and solution demonstration and Avaya product training functions

on September 23, 2020, the new office of huixun Technology Chengdu held an opening ceremony. Ms. fulili, President of Avaya Greater China, Ms. pangxiaofen, general manager of Avaya Greater China channel, Mr. Luo Wei, general manager of Avaya Eastern and southern regions, and Mr. Guo Jian, sales director of Avaya China commercial marketing channel department, participated in the on-site activities, and gave guidance and congratulations to huixun technology. Huixun technology colleagues present were deeply encouraged

huixun Technology Chengdu demonstration center can not only demonstrate Avaya's various and powerful audio and video terminals, but also demonstrate Avaya's professional solutions such as all media customer service center, robot intelligent customer service, intelligent quality inspection, and agent intelligent assistant

huixun Technology Chengdu training center can accommodate 16 students at the same time. At present, courses such as pre-sale, installation, maintenance and natural, non rigid sensory care of Avaya's various products are opened for free to partners in the southwest region

huixun technology believes that with its own efforts and the support of Avaya, it will be able to carry out the business in the southwest region, achieve wide coverage and good service, and introduce the industry-leading Avaya products and solutions to more and more customers and partners in the southwest region

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