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Zhejiang Quzhou Weida Paper Co., Ltd. can save energy, increase efficiency and benefit time

after sewage treatment, the fiber is recycled first, and then filtered by the filter, and then all can be recycled. Recently, Weida Paper Co., Ltd. learned that the sewage treatment system adopts CQJ ultra efficient shallow air flotation water treatment technology and equipment imported from Taiwan, with a total investment of more than 10 million yuan, and the sewage treatment capacity is at the leading level in the industry

Zhan Shaoyun, manager of the company's manufacturing department, introduced that the paper machine of Weida paper industry operates 24 hours a day, and originally needs more than 10000 tons of water a day. Through the recycling and reuse of the sewage treatment system, 9000 tons of return water can be reused, and about 1000 tons of fresh water can be injected for safe production. The water consumption per ton of paper is controlled below 10 tons. Through the recycling and reuse of sewage, Vida paper can save more than 4 million tons of water every year and save production costs of more than 6 million yuan. At the same time, the fibers recycled by the sewage treatment system are processed, and about 6 tons of plastic bags can be recycled every day, basically realizing paid use of fibers. This batch of materials will be sold to small paper mills at a price of about 1500 yuan per ton for the production of cultural paper or low-grade household paper. Meet the packaging of various products in the market

in addition, Vida paper saves electricity by installing frequency converters and soft starters. The power consumption of the company per ton of paper is 50% less than that of its counterparts in the country where the installation of the main machine is not level, and it can save more than 40 million kwh of electricity a year

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