The hottest timber dispute threatens US Canada tra

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Timber disputes threaten US Canada trade relations

only a few days before the expiration of the US Canada cork Timber Agreement (SLA), and the opportunity to quickly resolve this most controversial trade dispute is slim. Both sides are already preparing for a costly trade war

lawyers representing the U.S. timber industry, including factory operators, woodland owners, and forest product manufacturers, are preparing to file anti-dumping and countervailing lawsuits against Canada on Monday, the first working day after the agreement expires. They claimed that Canadian timber exports were unfairly subsidized by the government

major Canadian timber manufacturers are also discussing countermeasures

At the same time, trade officials in Ottawa and Washington continue to explore the possibility of reopening trade negotiations, although there is little hope. They may appoint an expert group to find ways to prevent disputes from escalating, with a high degree of automation to protect bilateral interests. But the expectation of avoiding confrontation is very low

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