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AI centered Mai reshapes the 3.0 era of the public chain

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AI centered Mai reshapes the 3.0 era of the public chain

some people divide the development of blockchain into three times. In the 3.0 era, it is the realization of the application scenarios of blockchain technology in the social field, the expansion of blockchain technology, and the "programmable society" that provides decentralized solutions for various industries. The era of 3.0 has higher standards. For the public chain, it needs an efficient, safe, intelligent and open decentralized ecosystem

so where is the landmark public chain in the era of reshaping public chain 3.0? At present, the integration of blockchain and artificial intelligence has attracted more attention. Perhaps there is a disruptive public chain in this field

from the development history of artificial intelligence, we can draw a concept that the progress of artificial intelligence depends on the available large-scale data, which is fed back to the application of artificial intelligence, and these data need a reliable data management mechanism. Because they depend on a large number of data flows, when integrated with blockchain, it means that the data is traceable and auditable, which is the complementary advantage of artificial intelligence and blockchain

in the field of data, artificial intelligence can be combined with blockchain technology. On the one hand, it starts from the application level, on the other hand, it starts from the data layer. Both of them perform their respective duties. Artificial intelligence is responsible for automated business processing and the decision-making of Mr. Bert Bakker, the chief executive officer of intelligent thinking group. Blockchain is responsible for providing trusted data at the data layer, which is the basic relationship

and technology win-win is the goal of the integration of artificial intelligence and blockchain. In this goal, the blockchain public chain with artificial intelligence as the center - creative intelligence public chain (MAI) as the representative, whether it is a gimmick or a valuable public chain, let's explore together

we know Mai public chain from these aspects:

official introduction of public chain

technical principle of public chain

what problems does public chain solve

I ecosystem of public chain

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official introduction of Mai public chain

Mai create universal experimental machine report printing: smart public chain is an open blockchain public chain with artificial intelligence as the core, which encourages global developers to issue high-quality dapps and smart contracts through a unique consensus mechanism (PAI consensus mechanism), and solves the real needs and pain points of ordinary users in combination with actual scenarios

at the same time, solve the universality of public chain mining through double mining and double use mining machines, and complete an ecosystem based on the unique mechanism of Mai public chain

the mission is to build an efficient, safe, intelligent and open decentralized ecosystem

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technical principle of Mai public chain

the core elements of blockchain can be divided into five dimensions: scalability and transmission technology, system security, distributed storage, regulatory compatibility and consensus mechanism. Starting from the technical realization of these five dimensions, the design of each public chain has its merits. The efficient, safe, intelligent and open public chain we expect is difficult to meet. The current public chain era is still the initial stage of industry development, and the opportunities and challenges of AI public chain are also very significant

through the integration of artificial intelligence and blockchain, we can benefit each other's advantages, and improve the blockchain with the help of the attributes of artificial intelligence

the first is the learning function of artificial intelligence, which can enhance the optimization of the smart contract for the Mai public chain. The second is the associative storage function, which can fill in and make up for the shortcomings of the Mai public chain smart contract. The third is the ability to find optimization solutions at high speed and solve the existing fairness. The fourth is the programmability of artificial intelligence to realize the scalability of the Mai public chain

the real decentralized ecosystem realized by integrating artificial intelligence technology increased by 2.8 times and 3 times year-on-year respectively

from this, we can understand the technical architecture of Mai public chain

1. The chain architecture in the chain

mai network is composed of blockchains divided into permutations, which maintain common operation in the hierarchical arrangement. The chain in the chain includes: root chain and sub chain

root chain: manage independent sub chains

sub chains: link with smart contracts

because sub chains are independent, a sub chain is attacked or cannot run when encountering errors, which does not affect the root chain. The chain in the chain realizes cross block chain transactions, and can also transfer data from the sub chain to the root chain, while transferring to each other at the same time.

the root chain can be accessed by anyone, but the sub chain has the nature of a private chain, It may involve the flexibility and extensibility of the sub chain, which can meet the more requirements of intelligent hop applications

then, according to the structure of the chain in the chain, realize the application layering of the chain smart contract and ensure the scalability of the Mai public chain. The system is equivalent to the separation of responsibilities to create a balanced system

2. AI based high-speed consensus mechanism

as an efficient consensus mechanism of Mai, the public chain of Mai adopts the AI random authorization equity certification mechanism

for the authorized equity certification mechanism, we are familiar with the equity certification mechanism (POS), and the new form based on it is the authorized equity certification mechanism (dpos), which are different in their utilization in blockchain applications

at the same time, pbft is also combined to provide availability and security for the Mai public chain. Therefore, separately, the high-speed consensus mechanism based on AI uses slicing technology, DOJ technology, side chain technology and dynamic blocks to achieve a more efficient TPS without violating the core concept of decentralization

that is, the consensus mechanism that combines dpos and pbftai with AI technology. AI random authorization equity certification mechanism has become a new consensus mechanism proposed by Mai public chain

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mai public chain specifically solves what problem

the form of the public chain is similar to the carrier we use software. The competition of the public chain is great. The birth of each public chain needs to break through the limitations of the public chain and promote the development of the public chain

then, what are the breakthroughs in the public chain? There are several points:

the speed and efficiency of the public chain

low development threshold

can ensure decentralization

security and openness

these limitations need to be broken through, which is reflected in the Mai public chain, which is constrained by three major problems. It can be divided into scalability, decentralization and security

1. Scalability - limited

at the level of ensuring the decentralized nature of blockchain, each node in the network participates in every transaction and protects the system by saving the data of the whole transaction

as every node participates, with the information processing of nodes, the number of nodes increases, resulting in the slow processing efficiency. However, it is more intuitive that the chain in chain architecture adopted by the Mai public chain can achieve scalability

2. Decentralization - in terms of computing power concentration, there is the possibility of unfairness based on the mechanism of computing power distribution rights. For example, the 21 super nodes set up by EOS solve the TPS problem, but at the expense of partial fairness, as well as the computing power war caused by computing power concentration

someone said that the problem of computing power war is not decentralization, but the consensus mechanism. High computing power proves high consensus. For this, the Mai chain proposes different consensus mechanisms

in terms of the mining mechanism at the same time, the dual mining and dual-use miner was launched, and AI allocated computer hardware resources and network resources

3. Security - governance measures

aim to become a blockchain system that pays attention to laws and regulations, privacy protection and scalability in the artificial intelligence public chain. Its differences in governance measures can be seen from the design principles

"separation of duties and simplified calculation" is a targeted optimization, which aims to create a balanced system, follow this benign governance principle, innovate the system design on the governance model, and form a good ecosystem

"through the encouragement of governance behavior and other contribution behaviors, the public chain and participants can establish a mutual aid and win-win relationship."

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the ecosystem of the Mai public chain

I planet - one of the application scenarios

as a DAPP of the Mai public chain, the Mai planet includes code scanning mining, advertising game mining, personal data assets, consumption and other scenarios

at the same time, as the pcmining version, it also provides hatching scenes such as anti-counterfeiting advertisements, decentralized auctions, aviation hate contracts, and so on. Combined with artificial intelligence technology, the contract efficiency is greatly improved

we are improving these applications on the public chain where Chinese enterprises have the talent to produce their own plastic extrusion machinery by themselves, and the goal of completing the commercial closed loop in the early stage through the real scene continues

2. Summary

technology is the means to realize design, and meeting user needs is the essence of public chain design. When designing AI public chain, the project side should consider how to meet the needs of users in order to make the project run well

looking at the above understanding of the public chain of Mai, I think that the public chain of blockchain with AI as the center, represented by creative intelligence public chain (MAI), is not a gimmick, and the integration of AI and blockchain is not only a win-win for technology, but also a win-win for users

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