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Time converter Tvf8000 shocked the industry

tvf8000 series variable frequency governor is the upgrading and replacement of tvf2000 series inverter. When developing this series, it provides a warning and direction for the in-depth research of software robots in the future. While fully adopting the mature technology of tvf2000 series products. Considering the special requirements of current direct users, in order to meet the needs of different users, our goal is to strive to achieve the design goals of high performance, high reliability and high adaptability

the main control chip of this series of products adopts dsPIC single chip microcomputer of microchip company. The single chip microcomputer has strong computing ability, can be rewritten repeatedly, is programmable, and adopts 5 volt logic level. In terms of waveform generation, optimized space voltage vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM) is adopted to appropriately increase the dead time to ensure the safe operation of IGBT, and dead time compensation is adopted to improve torque. Carrier frequency design hydraulic universal testing machine is mainly used for tensile, contraction, zigzag and other mechanical property tests of metal and non-metallic materials and parts, components and components. It is continuously adjustable and can be set as required, effectively avoiding the generation of resonance and facilitating user debugging

the control circuit of this series of products is completely isolated from the DC bus to reduce electromagnetic interference and eliminate many expensive optocouplers. The switching power supply is specially carefully designed, and the power supply outputs multiple isolation voltages to the driving part of IGBT to improve the reliability of the driving circuit. Through improving the design, improve the accuracy and accuracy of each group of power supply, and avoid too high or too low output voltage. At the same time, reduce the output ripple and try to avoid introducing common mode interference from the power supply. Do a good job of power protection, and no device will be damaged in case of short circuit of any power supply

this series of products have higher output overload resistance, and the following measures are taken to avoid tripping: when accelerating, current limiting measures are adopted; When decelerating, increase voltage limiting measures. With accurate short circuit and over/under voltage protection, the output terminal can withstand multiple short circuits without damaging any devices. The current detection adopts 2-way Hall sensor, which can accurately sample and process the current, which lays a good foundation for the development of high-performance vector control inverter. The voltage detection adopts a novel circuit, which has good linearity, rapid response, and cleverly realizes the isolation from the high-voltage DC bus. While ensuring high-voltage isolation, the linear optocoupler is omitted, and the cost is low. At the same time, the software is revised again, and the program operation function and swing frequency operation function are added to the software function, so that tvf8000 series products have simple PLC function. At the same time, in order to do a good job of reliability growth, the data designed in the software of this series of products to automatically calculate the running time will not be modified by anyone, unless it is returned to the manufacturer for software refresh, Otherwise, the accumulated running time of the machine at the user will be recorded accurately

in terms of p-type machine with high market voice, tvf8000 series products have made innovations in software and hardware, so that the fan and pump loads with the same power can adopt tvf8000 series p-type frequency converter with the same power as the motor, which greatly improves the market competitiveness of the frequency converter of the times

the analog input part directly uses a/d conversion, eliminating the voltage/frequency conversion circuit, which is more accurate and stable. The stable accuracy of analog input is almost 0. The analog output part adopts the mode of pulse width modulation + operational amplifier, and the output linearity is good. The digital input of this series still adopts optocoupler. By improving the software, the analog and digital input can get a fast response. Among them, the response time of analog input is 5ms, and the output time of analog output is 10ms after completing 1.5 twists. This can meet the occasions of rapid response to dynamic commands

electromagnetic compatibility and signal integrity are fully considered in the hardware design of this series of products. Anti noise measures are also adopted in the software design, supplemented by appropriate processing methods, so as to avoid false alarms and false failures in the application as far as possible

on the basis of tvf2000, Shidai inverter has developed tvf8000 series models after several years of technical accumulation, thinking in practice, planning and then acting. The reliability and stability of this series of products have been preliminarily demonstrated. We need continuous efforts to provide the society with more corresponding products with a height difference of no more than, mm plus high quality

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