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China's high-speed railway: going abroad at the right time

China's high-speed railway, which once lagged behind the world for half a century, has achieved an amazing leap with the courage and scientific courage to do nothing difficult in the world as long as it is willing to climb on the development path of introduction, digestion, absorption, supplementary experiments and re Innovation: after three years of honing, it has mastered the technology of 200 kilometers; After two years of tackling key problems, he climbed from a platform with a speed of 200 kilometers per hour to a platform with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour. It took only five years for China to complete the development of high-speed rail in western developed countries, which took 40 years. It seemed that overnight, China surpassed the world and shocked the world

if the 350 km/h EMU has enabled China to catch up with the world's advanced level, the development of 380 km/h EMU has made China the commanding height of the world's high-speed rail and become the world's leader

the rapid development of China's high-speed railway has attracted the attention of the world. The mode of China's high-speed railway has been recognized by the world. Politicians from more than 30 countries have come to visit. China has now begun to build high-speed railways in Turkey, Venezuela and Brazil, and is still negotiating with seven other countries. According to an article in the New York Times on April 7, China has signed high-speed rail project cooperation agreements with California and general electric company, and China will play a remarkable role in U.S. Railway Construction: providing the technology, equipment and engineers needed to build high-speed railways. China is leading the world to set off a new climax of railway construction. China's high-speed rail, going abroad at the right time

China's high-speed rail has technical support to go abroad. China's high-speed rail has taken the lead in surpassing Europe and the United States in technology, becoming a field with independent intellectual property rights and leading the world. China bullet trains please share this in a timely manner. More than 900 high-speed railway related patents have been authorized, and the new generation of bullet trains with a speed of 380 kilometers per hour will also be offline in the first half of this year. China's high-speed rail has at least three advantages to go global. One is the integration advantage, that is, it can provide a package of turnkey services from highway engineering, communication signals, traction power to mobile equipment, operation management, equipment maintenance, etc; Second, the high-speed technology level of China's high-speed rail is relatively rich, which can meet the needs of different countries; Third, China's high-speed rail has advantages in construction and cost reduction

China's high-speed rail, going global, has practical experience. With the completion and operation of Beijing Tianjin high-speed railway, Wuhan Guangzhou high-speed railway and Zhengzhou West high-speed railway, China has become the country with the longest mileage of high-speed railway in the world. China's railway department has accumulated rich experience in the construction of high-speed railway, laying the foundation for the construction technology, talents and management needed by high-speed railway to go abroad

China's high-speed rail, going global, can raise national prestige. After more than 30 years of reform and opening up, earth shaking changes have taken place in China, and many fields have reached or caught up with world standards. However, it is still rare for China's high-speed rail to win such a victory over the world and win the admiration of many traditional powers such as the United States and Russia. China's high-speed rail going abroad to the world will greatly enhance China's prestige, play an exciting role and improve national self-esteem

China's high-speed railway, going out, can be the one that makes the universal servo experimental machine adopt servo Electromechanical. In the process of China's rise, it has been widely praised by the world, but there are also many western countries hostile to China's development, trying to contain China's development and openly spreading the theory of China's threat, which is very detrimental to China's rise and development. China's high-speed rail is going out, actively participating in the construction of high-speed railways around the world, establishing fast, environmental friendly and low-carbon railway lines for people all over the world, and trying to provide sincere and selfless assistance and help to countries all over the world, which not only greatly changes the transportation conditions of local people, but also deepens the understanding and friendship of people all over the world about China, so as to serve as an ambassador of peace and establish a good image of China

China's high-speed railway, going global, can revitalize the world economy. 1. Judge that the collet of ring stiffness testing machine should have sufficient hardness. With the advent of the world financial crisis the year before last, the world economy fell into a trough. China has timely implemented the 4trillion policy of expanding domestic demand, which has made the fastest economic development and made great contributions to promoting the recovery and development of the world economy, and has been praised all over the world. Among them, the railway construction, especially the high-speed railway construction, plays a leading role. China's high-speed rail, going abroad at this time, can find the best way for countries to recover their economies, and can also open up new growth points for China's economy to achieve the goal of mutual assistance and win-win

the spring breeze is green on the South Bank of the river, and kapok is booming. This is the spring of the 21st century, this is the spring of China's high-speed railway, this is the spring full of hope

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