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Huawei Guoping: mobile first, digital lead the future, hand in hand to advance towards the era of smart finance

2020 is bound to be an unusual year. At the beginning of the year, a COVID-19 covering more than 200 countries in the world has had a huge impact on people's work and life, and cast a shadow on the global economy. People's expectations for the future become more uncertain, and they think more about how to deal with it when the black swan becomes the new normal

risks and opportunities of financial institutions under the new normal of the epidemic

with the outbreak and rapid spread of the epidemic all over the world, how to restore the economy under the premise of ensuring safety, in order to meet the antibacterial needs of household appliances, and how to avoid the recurrence of the second or even the third wave of the epidemic have become the new normal

the new normal under the epidemic superimposes the downward trend of the economic cycle, and the theme of the world has also become uncertain:

on the one hand, the economic development of major economies in the world, especially those in the field of medical devices or automobiles, has stagnated or even negative growth, and governments and central banks of various countries are facing unprecedented big tests. Due to the difficulty in balancing the recovery of short-term economy and avoiding financial risks, fiscal and monetary policies have become uncertain

on the other hand, consumption inhibition and supply chain disturbance cause enterprises to face unprecedented, huge and continuous impact on demand, operation and financing, and the survival of enterprises is also facing great uncertainty

financial institutions that serve thousands of industries cannot be alone. They are greatly affected and challenged in the short and long term

digital transformation has become a new direction for financial institutions

it is worth noting that during the epidemic, technology, especially digital and mobile technology, has played an increasingly important role

the absence of entity management has caused explosive growth in vegetables, medicines and meals, and incubated a large number of new industries; The demand of thousands of primary and secondary school students to study at home has directly promoted the leapfrog development of live classroom and education; With the help of innovative technologies such as mobile office and remote video, more industries and enterprises closely related to the national economy have achieved rapid resumption of work and production

compared with ordinary enterprises, those enterprises that are in the lead in digital transformation have significantly stronger anti risk ability to the epidemic because of their stronger remote coordination ability and higher overall work efficiency

the same is true of the financial industry. Judging from the response of the banking industry during the epidemic, digitalization and mobility capabilities are crucial to coping with business challenges. By enhancing these capabilities, banks can not only successfully survive the current epidemic crisis, but also better cope with more challenges in the future

at present, the financial industry is facing a major opportunity to use this epidemic to redefine its internal infrastructure, realize the digitization and mobility of internal processes and workflows, so as to better manage and process data, and provide more personalized services and products closer to customer needs

in order to achieve the above goals, for the managers of financial institutions, the first thing they face is how to rethink and adjust the management mode of business continuity with the help of mobile and digital means, including:

finally, the future battlefield of the financial industry will no longer be limited to financial institutions, and financial institutions need to follow the pace of new technology and explore the layout in advance. New technologies, especially 5g technology, can not only connect innovative points, but also stimulate all-round customer experience and comprehensive business innovation. Make the bank move from the traditional human bank to the material bank

in the future, with the help of 5g, Wi Fi 6, IOT, cloud and other digital technologies, ubiquitous mobile terminals can be connected to the Internet at high speed, thus forming exponential connectivity and information interaction

various financial services will be collected and pushed to mobile terminals without customers' awareness; Customers can access the required financial services anytime and anywhere, communicate face-to-face with professional teams through VR, and make detailed investment planning and capital arrangement through intelligent assistants. The development of technology will bring disruptive changes to financial services, which is just beginning

Huawei and its ecological partners enable the digital transformation of financial customers

Huawei advocates and adheres to the overall strategy of ICT infrastructure of connection + computing. Make the best connection in the world by creating supreme power, minimalism and intelligence; Through the industrial layout of general computing power +ai computing power, provide the world with the strongest computing power and make intelligence omnipresent; The two cooperate and correlate through AI. The new hydrogel developed by them includes two cheap and abundant basic raw materials to transmit data. Computing provides computational support for the connection, so as to build the ICT infrastructure of smart connect for the digital economy

at the same time, focusing on the ICT digital infrastructure of connection + computing +ai, Huawei is also committed to building an open ecosystem, enabling partners and customers in the global financial industry to carry out digital transformation by building a digital platform

Huawei's digital platform is cloud based, integrates various new ICT technologies, and connects various financial industry data. Upward can support the rapid development and flexible deployment of applications, and enable the business agile innovation of financial institutions; Downward, through ubiquitous connection, collaborative optimization at the cloud management end can be achieved, so as to connect the physical world with the digital world

standing at the entrance of the intelligent era, Huawei's enterprise business is positioned as Huawei inside, that is, through ubiquitous connection + Digital Platform + ubiquitous intelligence, it becomes the core of the digital world, creates an open digital base, and is committed to developing a partner ecosystem to provide end-to-end industry solutions for customers in the global financial industry

Huawei's unique advantages can provide financial institutions with solutions from connection to computing, from core to edge, and help the global financial industry cope with the challenges of the era of the epidemic, which is the ratio of the force that completely cuts the lining material and the back plate or shoe plate to the geometric area of the lining material, accelerate the transformation of mobility and intelligence, and build the core digital innovation and competitiveness

in the past 10 years, Huawei has served 1600 + customers of financial institutions in 60+ countries and regions by cooperating with 5400 + global solutions and service partners, accumulated rich experience and established a perfect ecosystem

especially in the Chinese market, we have accumulated rich experience in how banks can flourish in the era of mobile finance by helping leading banks successfully achieve digital transformation and actively respond to the disruption and competition of Internet finance. We are willing to share our successful experience and ecosystem with the global financial industry to jointly accelerate the arrival of the era of Mobile Smart finance in the global financial industry

source: Huawei ICT new horizon financial special

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