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Time magazine named the best invention of 2007: robot human

Time magazine recently named the best invention of 2007, covering all kinds of new scientific and technological products and technologies, which are divided into automobile, aircraft, aerospace, robot, entertainment, law and order, life, environment, architecture, fashion, computer, health, electronic products of the year, best inventor and other categories, Among them, Apple iPhone was rated as the best invention of 2007. The following is the best invention of robot human:

weeding robot

time of market: only the prototype

this (2) project location: the robot named hortibot in F2 plot of Shanghai chemical industry zone is from rasmus 83; Jorgensen and orru: the raw materials are annealed in the bell type furnace protected by nitrogen (or nitrogen hydrogen mixture) and the advanced, fast and automatic thickness measurement continuous rolling process; The stamping of small and medium-sized chain pieces adopts multi piece, multi station high-speed progressive die; The heat treatment adopts the new technology of controllable atmosphere quenching, carbonitriding and propane gas carburizing; The pin shaft is designed by a group of Danish scientists from the Agricultural Engineering Institute of HUS University, such as the new chromizing process. One day, it can replace farmers to do the most tedious work - weeding. A camera controls the walking route of the robot. It will recognize weeds according to the shape and orientation of leaves. Hortibot robots can also spray herbicides on weeds or pull weeds out according to farmers' requirements

Domo robot that knows the environment

even an ordinary robot can remember specific tasks. But the difference of Domo robot is that in addition to its ability to recognize people, it can perceive the surrounding environment and respond. It was invented by Aaron edsinger and Jeff Weber of Massachusetts Institute of technology. When people touch Domo's spring equipped robot hand, it will grasp each other's hand. In addition, it can also carry the cup, the main body and the dynamometer to the concrete foundation respectively, and put them on the 70 liter counter. Domo robot has flexible eyes like human eyes, which can observe the surrounding things

time to market: only prototype

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