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Bimax acquires new Changsheng plastic film company

in order to further expand its business in the Asia Pacific region, on July 1, bimax, headquartered in Nina, Wisconsin, announced that it had acquired Foshan new Changsheng dispensing speed plastic film Co., Ltd. (NCS), a special film manufacturer in Foshan, China

henrytheisen, chairman and CEO of bimax group, said: "new Changsheng has strong customer relationships and is used for food packaging, polyurethane (PUR) for personal care bags and polyether urethane (PEU) for storing historical data." Packaging, consumer electronics and special film technology for special and special purposes. Their newly expanded production facilities will also be able to manufacture special films for sensitive medical devices and drugs. With this new special film platform, we have sufficient conditions and foundation to enter 5 It's better to have the residual sample escort and installation to further improve the market position and share of the group in the Asia Pacific region. "

at the request of the seller, the details of the transaction have not been disclosed. But more information will be released later this month, together with bimax's earnings report, said melaniemiller, bimax's vice president and chief financial officer. This transaction will not affect the 2013 earnings per share guidance of bimax

this transaction is not Bima's first acquisition in China, Miller said. She said, "for many years, we have been engaged in the production of medical equipment packaging in Malaysia and Suzhou, China. In addition to our business in New Zealand and Australia, the company also acquired a Chinese packaging processing facility in 2011. This facility is a new Changsheng film product customer."

Miller said, "the acquisition is very meaningful. Before that, we didn't really enter the field of food packaging in China. This is a good supplement and support to our existing Pacific business. The other side produces many special film products. We are very excited because this is our first film product platform in the Asia Pacific region." Established in 1858, bimax is the largest film and sheet manufacturer in North America, with annual sales of US $5.3 billion

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