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Digital printing is gradually swallowing the traditional market

in the fourth China International Printing new technology exhibition (printexpo 2007), the digital printing products attracted the most attention. In the exhibition hall of China International Exhibition Center in Beijing, it was noted that the audience surrounded Canon booth for a glimpse of the style of imagepressc7000vp production digital on-demand printing system. In addition, the latest digital printing products brought by Konica Minolta, Kodak and other companies have also touched the heartstrings of many audiences. At the exhibition site, a printing factory owner from Hebei said: digital printing is gradually devouring the traditional printing market. Traditional printing enterprises enter the digital printing market, and the combination of traditional printing and digital printing is an inevitable development trend

opportunities: becoming a trend

in recent years, great changes have taken place in the needs of customers. The printing business has developed from large-scale replication to small-scale, multi variety and personalized. Even if there is a large-scale printing business, it also needs some small-scale samples before printing, and it can be put into mass production after satisfaction. The old high-efficiency aluminum based new material innovation center of the printing factory from Hebei has been listed among the manufacturing innovation centers of Henan Province. The board pointed out that this has put forward new requirements for printing enterprises. Zhang Liyu said that it is necessary to have the ability to print in large quantities and meet the requirements of customers for small batch printing in the early stage. In the long run, printing enterprises that are flexible and can meet the needs of customers in all aspects can comply with the pace of the market and develop more steadily. Digital printing has opened up a new market, provided new services and opened up a new source of income. He said that digital printing technology is becoming a trend and has been widely used in commercial printing fields such as publishing, advertising and textiles

the emergence of digital printing has solved many problems existing in the current market. Every company wants to minimize storage and transportation costs, and digital printing technology ensures that reprints are the same as the first edition. It serves the fields of on-demand printing, multi-component material co injection (extrusion) process acceptance and variable data input printing. The most remarkable feature of digital printing is that it can be printed on one sheet, which can be combined with it technology and Internet technology to realize network printing. At Konica Minolta booth, LV Haidong, deputy section chief of the company's Beijing digital printing division, presented while presenting

in foreign countries, digital printing is showing great vitality. Xiaonan, deputy manager of Greater China market liaison of Kodak graphic & image group, introduced that in the US market, the number of printing companies has been decreasing in recent years, but the revenue of the printing industry has been growing, most of which comes from the growth of digital printing revenue

current situation: lack of understanding

digital printing has many advantages such as simplicity, quickness and flexibility, which makes its potential application range very wide. It can be competent from large format printing to the printing of books and pamphlets. It is an extremely important means for producing media. However, at present, the development of digital printing in China is limited to a certain extent. Many commercial printing enterprises lack understanding of digital printing technology and have great difficulties in application. High performance color digital printing equipment is mainly applied in some professional fields, and its share in the printing market is still relatively low

at present, the color quality of digital color printing has reached a high level, and in many cases it can be as good as four-color offset printing machines. For example, nExpress 2100, hpindigo, xeroxigen3 and other devices can provide color digital printing with high color quality. NExpress and hpindigo can also provide printing with more than four colors, or even polish, with a wider color range. Xiao Nan took out a foreign newspaper printed in digital color to prove the practicality and effectiveness of digital printing. She reflected that in foreign countries, the digital printing business pieces come from a variety of printing; In China, digital printing is mainly used for invoice printing. LV Haidong introduced that government agencies, printing houses, advertising companies and expansion shops can all use digital printing equipment. Xiao Nan pointed out that digital printing can save costs for customers, improve customer response rate, show differentiation and enhance brand image. I hope our customers and our customers can understand digital printing and digital printing technology. She preached

prospects: the general trend

relevant data show that in the United States, 33% of digital printing work achieved diversification and personalization in 2006, the growth rate of customized printing in the printing market has reached 14%, and the growth rate of live parts printed directly from the web has exceeded 100%. In terms of the number of copies printed, 78% of the four-color offset printing pieces have been reduced to less than 5000. For printing enterprises, the development of digital printing is the general trend. At the same time, the rapid development of digital printing technology has brought huge business opportunities to various fields of the printing industry. Digital printing has become one of the most potential printing methods

as for the development trend of digital printing, mano, a famous American printing expert, believes that digital printing will complement and compete with offset printing, printing and flexo printing; The networked laser printer will challenge the copier, the copier will challenge the digital printing, the digital printing will challenge the offset printing, and the ink jet will challenge all; The quality of digital printing will no longer be a problem, but its production capacity, reliability and size will still need to be further solved; Offset printing is being improved to provide more economical and competitive products, but its market will continue to be eroded by digital printing; Digital printing will affect all aspects of the printing industry and will be widely used in art, packaging, label printing, textiles, books, advertisements and other printed materials

romano predicted at his 2006 lecture on the status of printing in the United States that by 2012, the once unified offset printing market share will drop to 60%, and the rest will be occupied by variable data printing. By 2015, the proportion of the revenue generated by offset printing in the total revenue of the printing industry will drop to about 45%, while that of digital printing will rise to 30%, and the rest will be occupied by auxiliary services

a staff member of China Printing Technology Association said that although the development of China's printing market is different from that of the United States, from the historical experience, it is just a difference in progress. The key is whether we can see the future of China's digital printing in the American market

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