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Digital printing makes conference products more flexible

conference printing has obvious characteristics: the quantity is small, and the quantity is usually related to the number of people, most of which are 200~300; Time requirements are high, and individual printed materials, such as speeches and program lists, will be frequently revised and finalized at the last minute; Different from each other, invitations, certificates, seat cards, etc. are different from each other. These are all naturally related to the characteristics of digital printing: fast speed, one piece of printing, timely error correction, multi version printing, variable printing and on-demand printing. The organic combination of the two can achieve speed, money saving and good results. Especially in the context of the central government's promotion of frugality, it is more meaningful to discuss this issue. Taking the second Asian Youth Games as an example, the author introduces the application of digital printing in conference supplies

design around the concept of thrift and environmental protection

the second Asian Youth Games was successfully held in Nanjing at the end of August. As one of the service providers, Nanjing SISE Digital Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the design and production of opening and closing ceremony program lists, invitations, speech sheets, Yaqing village volunteer commemorative kits, etc

the Asian Youth Games is the largest youth games in Asia. All parts involved in the games should also strictly comply with the requirements of the Asian Youth Games, including Digital Express Printing. The idea of Nanjing Asian Youth Association is youth and vitality, participation and sharing, cultural integration, wisdom and creativity, green and low-carbon, safe, diligent and cheap. Therefore, the scheme we designed should also echo this idea. Customers care about the presentation of results and select the best of multiple schemes; We care about how to help customers achieve their goals, but try to show the characteristics of digital printing

according to the requirements of the organizing committee, we first determined the design of the six fold page of the opening ceremony program. The six fold pages cover some distinctive solutions designed by BASF for the Chinese and Asian markets, such as the Olympic Council flag, the Nanjing Asian Youth Association torch, the entrance of the participating delegations, the opening ceremony process, the emblem, mascots, the artistic performance program list, and the participating production team. After communicating with customers, analyze the data provided by customers and 2 Judgment: A. when the circuit 1 test sample was open, it was required that after the design was completed, the 90 cm long folding paper was printed immediately, which left a deep impression on the customer. After the customer proposed to adopt the folding fan scheme, we quickly printed a series of schemes with rice paper, which laid the foundation for the follow-up service and won the customer's trust

this year's Asian Youth Conference has a green and low-carbon concept, so the idea of frugal running Asian youth has always been lingering in the hearts of the organizing committee staff and designers. After discussion between the two sides, the four fold and two fold schemes for the opening ceremony were integrated on this basis, and the organizing committee finally chose the two fold scheme to reduce the waste of paper and facilitate the audience to read. At the same time, the designer also suggested that the organizing committee use recycled lancai as the printing medium for this folding. Recycled lancai is a product that has passed the FSC authoritative certification and fully meets the requirements of the international recycled paper standard. It uses 100% recycled base paper with a unique coating, and the paper color is closer to the natural color. It has a soft feel and texture, which is very in line with the concept of green and low carbon. This proposal has also been recognized by the organizing committee

the design process is a process of helping customers plan, understand customers' needs, help customers solve problems, solve problems for themselves, and broaden their business path

the printing production of the Asian Youth fair gave full play to the advantages of digital printing. The author believes that the following points are worth summarizing

close combination of digital printing and traditional printing. Program lists and invitations are commonly used and time sensitive printed materials, which can only be finalized before the program starts. In the process of implementation, the approved draft, the small batch draft for rehearsal, and the guest draft are all realized by digital printing; Traditional printing is adopted for the printed materials used by the audience on site and for the mementos of the performers

the application of extended paper digital printing in folding. Fully understand the digital printing equipment and dig its characteristic functions. Extended paper printing is a characteristic application of Konica Minolta equipment. The length of 120cm can not be printed by ordinary printing machines, and the positive and negative printing errors of coated paper and art paper are very small. The long fold proofing can certainly give customers a different feeling. At the same time, the equipment also has good benefits in small linear error and small batch printing

the advantages of digital printing in multi version printing. According to the program content, language, specific audience group, different performance times and invited guests (multiple rehearsals, official performances, etc.), different versions of design and printing are provided, including program lists, invitations, etc. Especially in the proofing process, it shows the printing effects of different media and different devices, giving customers more choices

plan and design to guide customers to apply digital printing. There is a natural connection between digital design and digital printing. Digital printing enterprises can start with design, drive digital printing, and guide customers to digital printing. As designers face customers directly, mutual trust is established after cooperation, which makes it possible to guide customers appropriately. Traditional printing enterprises are mostly processing enterprises and generally do not have the design ability, which also provides opportunities for digital printing

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