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The digital exploration of the annual digital printing conference is breaking its internal shell. Release date: Source: Bisheng editor in charge: Chinese packaging Views: 679 copyright and disclaimer core tips: at the 2015 China Digital Printing alliance summit held on the afternoon of April 7, HP, Konica Minolta, Canon and other international "big names" successively appeared and released the latest solutions, Representatives of leading enterprises in the domestic digital printing industry spoke from their own experiences, which touched the heartstrings of the industry

[China Packaging News] at the 2015 China Digital Printing alliance summit annual meeting held on the afternoon of April 7, HP, Konica Minolta, Canon and other international brands successively appeared and released the latest solutions. Representatives of leading enterprises in the domestic digital printing industry spoke with their own examples, which touched the heartstrings of people in the industry

the open exhibition that stresses the sense of experience, the dizzying new product launches, and the hot industrial topics. Although the continuous rainy days have caused the temperature in Dongguan, Guangdong to drop sharply, the digital printing equipment exhibition area of the third China (Guangdong) International Printing Technology Exhibition will continue to be hot until the end of the exhibition

eggs are broken from the outside and can only be used as food for others; Breaking an egg from the inside will give birth to new life. Just as zhangjianmin, Secretary General of digital and network printing branch of China printing and equipment industry association, said, the exploration of enterprises is constantly expanding the boundaries of the digital printing industry

starting from changing the concept

at the 2015 China Digital Printing alliance summit annual meeting, panxiaodong, Secretary General of Shanghai Digital Printing Industry Association, raised three questions: first, digital printing is the future trend of the industry, but with the increasing number of enterprises participating in the market, the lives of some enterprises are gradually getting worse; Second, the digital printing enterprises in the non publishing group system are facing the problem of seeking the on-demand printing market; Third, how to make fragmented orders meet the requirements of large-scale customization through integration is also a problem to be solved. These three problems make many pioneers in the digital printing industry feel the same way, and are also an important reason why some enterprises are still watching the market

our first consideration is not the issue of orders. We are facing the challenge of all media development and the reality of fragmented orders. Zhangzaijian, general manager of Jiangsu Phoenix Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd., said. As a subsidiary of Phoenix publishing and media group, Jiangsu Phoenix Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd. inevitably has to consider how to carry out digital development. All projects of the construction of digital prepress processing center, cloud computing processing center and cloud printing platform Phoenix Group focus on the two topics of all media and order fragmentation

guide customers to do or not do

in the fierce market competition, enterprises are always faced with the choice of doing or not doing. At the annual summit, the two pioneers in this field also revealed the importance of guiding customers when sharing their own experience

As an export-oriented enterprise serving the publishing industry in Europe and the United States, Dongguan zhongbian Printing Co., Ltd. is facing the challenge of changes in the international publishing market. Xie Baode, executive director and chief executive officer of the company, said that in recent years, especially in 2014, there was an obvious trend that publishing groups in European and American countries took part of their printing business back to their own countries for production. This situation affected the investment of Dongguan zhongbian Printing Co., Ltd. in digital printing. In 2011, the company launched a new inkjet digital printing machine. In 2014, the company's digital printing capacity gradually came into play with the development of the personalized market. Digital printing enterprises should consider how to cooperate with publishing enterprises from the perspective of publishing on demand. Xie Baode believes that it is very important for enterprises providing digital printing services to consider issues from the perspective of customers. He said that printing enterprises should connect with the publisher's boss or CFO. Because the merchandisers who place orders cannot see the advantages of digital printing and cannot change the procurement method, the boss or CFO can see the overall cost-effectiveness brought by digital printing

where are the business opportunities for digital printing? The experience of the pioneers tells those who are eager to try that it is very important to cultivate themselves and jump out of the besieged city. In Xie Baode's view, according to the equipment performance and other conditions, enterprises can develop the digital printing business to a deeper field. This year, Dongguan zhongbian printing began to provide augmented reality technology services to help customers use digital printing and IOT to provide readers with more rich printed materials

baonuoshi invested 30% of its time in 2014, relying on an independent IT team to expand the painting market that is not the expertise of the enterprise through the construction of IT infrastructure. Xubaiwei believes that baonuoshi can expand its painting business to Malaysia and Singapore, focusing on the display of products such as physics, chemistry and chemical engineering, biology and Bioengineering, electronic information and electronic measurement, machinery and processing center, power control and electrician, audio-visual equipment, laboratory and teaching instruments and equipment, as well as Europe. Strong it ability is an important reason for its success. We have a large database and put it into the piston carefully. Using the existing database with an exhibition area of 22000 square meters to develop potential customers and new businesses is the future development direction of baonuoshi company. Xubaiwei hopes that in the future, baonuoshi can create new demands and bring new business models to customers

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