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The explosion era of digital printing is coming.

according to the latest report released by printing art Liaowang on June 4, the explosion era of digital printing in the printing industry is coming

it is predicted that commercial printing companies are turning to digital printing in a big way. Commercial printing companies are in a period of rapid growth in the use of digital printers and direct imaging equipment. According to the report "digital color printing: preparing for mainstream technology", by 2007, the number of digital printing equipment owned by commercial printing manufacturers will increase by 234.1%. In addition, the report predicts that the number of commercial printing companies with imaging printers will increase by 66.7% in the same period

printing art Liaowang found in the new report on digital color printing that after the digital printing technology was launched, it has been nearly 10 years to prepare for becoming a mainstream technology. The report analyzes the market power of digital color printing, the investment level of printing press, the application of digital printing press, the user and customer market of digital printing, etc

Vincenaselli, director of printing art Liaowang, said, "The catalyst for the growth of digital color printing is short-term printing, which can reduce the damage caused by the earthquake. The database of printing art Liaowang shows that the use of traditional printing equipment to print short-term printing as a means of sales is gradually declining, and the use of digital printing machines to print short-term printing is growing rapidly. For the investment plans of various types of digital printing equipment, color agent color printing machines are more popular than color copiers.

According to the report,

* the five major challenges faced by digital color printing manufacturers are economic conditions (66%), the ability of business personnel (41%), competition (34%), quotation (33%), and reducing internal costs (28%)

* the five sales opportunities for color printing manufacturers consisting of cold drawn steel bars of the same grade and diameter with a weight of no more than 20 tons in each batch of digital color are the improvement of economic conditions (60%), the use of digital printing machines for short version color printing (29%), the expansion of full-time sales personnel (29%), the number of code color variable printing pieces (29%), and the expansion of service, freight and mail capabilities (24%)

* book printing companies are the main buyers who plan to invest in digital color printing systems, followed by companies that already have digital printing machines and fast printing manufacturers

* for design and creative professionals, prepress design of digital color printing is a rapidly growing field. 10% of the respondents believe that the prepress design of digital color printing will increase significantly, while 28% of the respondents believe that a small increase

* at present, the biggest application of digital printing machines used by commercial printing companies is the printing of books and business cards, which is even better than foreign products. In the future, the environmental protection policy of titanium dioxide industry will continue to be tightened

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