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Digital printing application strength


many digital printing machine suppliers try their best to promote the increasingly mature digital printing business

many printing houses and prepress service companies are also considering investing in digital printing machines to continue the next wave of competitiveness in the printing industry

however, the cost of digital printing machines varies greatly, which mainly depends on the speed of printing rather than the quality of printing. So investors want to refer to it before investing. What do others do

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the following is an investigation on the structural characteristics and working principles of 273 digital printers' bending testing machines conducted by American printer in February 2004, in which the business models of several large-scale digital printing service companies are introduced

e.g. Great Lakes cos And Lavigne press and other companies were mainly based on commercial printing when they were founded, but soon they also added digital printing technology. They mixed the functions of short edition color printing and supply chain management promotional materials. Lavigne press provides a new way to observe the printing and ancillary industries. Users can manage the printing version, proofing, shipping, progress tracking, etc. at any time and anywhere. The information requested by the user can be printed on the traditional lithographic press or the HP indigo digital press of Lavigne

Great Lakes Cos. The aksess system of supports the document management, sorting, completion and distribution of traditional lithography. Printers purchased the nExpress 2100 in January 2003. In less than six months, digital printing plants have made profits with 1.5 shifts a day. Dean haniko, director of the technology department, said, "we have developed application software for customers to simplify the process." now, as a large enterprise with early start and mature technology like Yantai assimilation, according to the traditional service range provided by the company, we interact with customers as the name implies. We can provide any service except digital color printing. It is inevitable to increase digital printing technology. "

lavingne press cooperates with printable technologies to simplify customer interface software; Great Lakes is developing aksess by itself. On average, for every dollar the two printers spend on printing equipment, another dollar is spent on infrastructure, including software and reserved staff

on demand service on the road

the ideal on-demand service on the road is to allow customers to make their own company's marketing printed matter on the page. These systems provide a simple browser interface so that the sales, trading and customer service departments can customize the ancillary industries of specific groups, and then carry out personalized sorting and printing according to the customer's data in the database. For national companies, each branch must also take into account the characteristics and differences of local domestic demand markets

fast growing digital printers, such as lexinet, have found this market model very successful. Dan Adler and Lisa Boyer joined the battlefield and established their own company in 1991 based on their direct selling background and understanding of technology. They want to implement the plan of providing mail order on demand, which can agent, personalize, localize and manage all users in different places through the road. They use equipment that combines Xerox docutech and dacucolor to print their own materials for large insurance and real estate company customers and their non corporate agents. The project was quite successful. In 2002, their total income increased by 34 per cent

combination of marketing plan and digital printing

rt associates understands that the overall marketing plan that can be customized according to user needs is the key to expanding the business. RT associates, founded in 1982, specializes in digital printing, prepress, photography and creative services. RT associates, in combination with saepio's agilis variable image software and nexpress2100, has developed a scheme to attract local distributors to produce content

united stations, the largest wholesaler of goods from office supplies to furniture, cooperates with RT associates to develop a direct selling and related sales management plan, named star club. United Stations knows that whether it is a small family business or a large 250million commodity agent each year, there is no time to design a direct sales plan. Agents need ways to make instant, customized and affordable marketing tools. RT associates adopts the solution of using the road to provide a model for the industry and develop one person to few and personalized information locally. This application brings RT associates 23% profit growth every year

in order to support the development of application software, these companies invest heavily in basic equipment. Generally speaking, for every dollar a company spends on digital color technology, it will spend two dollars on infrastructure

most of the time, the resources for software development are likely to be mice running nearby, which is the key to success. At least 10% of the company's employees must have the background knowledge of information technology

the above digital printing service companies have invested more money in the software and infrastructure of digital printing than the digital printing press itself

source: printing observation lvlizhe

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