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Digital printing is emerging in the domestic packaging field (I)

Gongmei group still uses traditional yellow paper boxes for the packaging of handicrafts. Due to the small batch size and more personalized information, generally no packaging printing factory is willing to print such boxes, which affects the export image of Gongmei products. Therefore, it is urgent to find a solution to improve the product quality. ". So, how to print this kind of packaging product with less batch, more personalized and variable information

the first thing we think of is digital printing, which has developed rapidly in the field of Commerce and publishing in recent years. Digital printing is applicable to the printing of products with small batch and more variable information. How about the application of digital printing in the field of domestic packaging printing? With such questions, we investigated and interviewed a number of domestic packaging users, packaging printing plants, printing plants and express printing shops that are using digital printing equipment. Through investigation and interview, we learned that for the application of digital printing in the packaging field, most packaging users have not realized that they should adopt it, and the application of packaging printing factory and express store printing is only limited to the printing of labels. At the same time, both packaging and printing plants and express printing shops have met users with the demand of Gongmei, and the application of digital printing in the packaging field is beginning to show. Due to the large number of objects interviewed in this survey, we selected some representative enterprises and divided them into two categories: manufacturers that do not use digital printing equipment and manufacturers with experience in using digital printing equipment. Through these two kinds of manufacturers' understanding and feeling of digital printing equipment, let us feel the future of digital printing in the packaging field

reasons for not using digital printing equipment

case 1: Beijing Jucai Printing Co., Ltd.

Beijing Jucai Printing Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the design and printing of self-adhesive products. As label printing has become the entry point for digital printing to enter the domestic packaging field, we interviewed it and asked why it did not introduce digital printing equipment. Mr. Cui from the Technology Department of the company talked about his views on digital printing and the digital printing market. He said: "on the one hand, the price of digital printing machines is too high, on the other hand, the company does not undertake a large number of short edition jobs. Therefore, it is not cost-effective to introduce digital printing machines from an economic point of view. Moreover, the post press processing of the digital printing machine is not as convenient as the traditional printing machine, and the connection processing is not mature. If the off-line post-processing mode is adopted, the difference in speed matching between printing and post press processing will affect the production efficiency

case 2: gaozhiyu, global marketing director of polyester resin division of beichangxing Materials Industry Co., Ltd.

Beijing Xinghan Printing Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive service manufacturer with self-adhesive printing and high-end packaging box printing as its main business. Although no digital printing equipment has been introduced, the company's products have a demand for digital printing, Mr. wenhaitian, the technical director of the company, said: "digital printing is suitable for small batch and fast printing. At present, the quality of printed products printed by digital printing machines is comparable to that of traditional printing machines. For example, the printing quality of HP indigo ws3000 is very good. However, our company does not have much short edition work, and only uses digital printing in the process of printing anti-counterfeiting codes and bar codes of anti-counterfeiting labels"

case 3: Beijing Jianhong printing plant

the packaging business of Beijing Jianhong printing plant is mainly some packaging boxes with small quantities, such as the store display packaging of Xi'an Janssen, the packaging of health products, the gift promotion packaging of some large companies, etc. At present, these products are the target market of digital printing in European and American countries, but the factory has not adopted digital printing

for the application of digital printing in the packaging field, Mr. guojianhong, the factory director, is full of expectations for its future. Because according to his introduction, he encountered more and more personalized products. Digital printing should be a development direction of packaging and printing because of its rapid, complex, short version and personalized packaging characteristics

director Guo said that at present, the small batch packaging products of our factory are basically printed by small offset printing equipment and manually made die-cutting plates, with low production efficiency

so what is restricting the development of digital printing? In the eyes of director Guo, the demand for digital printing in packaging is on the rise, but any new thing has its development process. At present, the demand for digital printing in domestic packaging has not reached the point that digital printing equipment must be introduced. At the same time, people still lack enough understanding of the application of digital printing in the field of packaging

director Guo summarized the reasons for the lack of rapid development of digital printing. He said that first, the suppliers of digital printing equipment have not made enough publicity on the application of digital printing in the packaging field. People have not yet distinguished which is a digital printer and which is a laser printer. In people's opinion, digital printing machine is only limited to short version printing of thin paper and will not do packaging. Second, the digital printing technology is not very mature, and the technical training can not keep up. Third, the market demand for digital packaging has not yet emerged. Few suppliers are actively promoting the application of digital printing in packaging. Many people will pay attention to this issue if the suppliers increase their publicity in this regard. Because the market is driven by two aspects, one is formed due to development, and the other is that someone needs to pay attention to it. Fourth, because digital printing is to meet the needs of small batch and short cycle, it needs to have a business environment suitable for it, for example, in densely populated downtown areas, while traditional printing houses are generally located in remote places and do not have such a business environment

in addition, director Guo also mentioned the pre press and post press processing of digital printing, which he believed was also a major reason restricting the development of digital printing in the packaging field. He said that the rapid and networking of digital printing has brought great convenience to manufacturers. For example, a packaging user can see the design shape of the packaging through the computer monitor sitting in the office, and then transmit it to the printing plant through the network for processing. In this process, there will still be problems. The first problem is the file format conversion. The other problem is the printing problem, because the packaging and printing are very strict, The control of color, materials and post-processing is relatively strict. At present, traditional printing is better. Digital printing has its defects, especially in post-processing. For example, for complex packaging, the production of its die-cutting plate is relatively complex. If you want to make the packaging beautiful, in addition to controlling the front-end layout and packaging structure, post press processing is the top priority. Packaging requires a lot of post press processing, such as glazing, film coating, etc. However, as far as the current situation is concerned, the connection processing technology between digital printing and these post press processing processes is not very mature

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