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On October 20, the national development and Reform Commission (NDRC) released on its website the No. 10 welcome to visit the website. Thanks for the announcement, and issued the guide to the key areas of high-tech industrialization (2011) with priority development at present, including 11 kinds of special digital technologies and equipment. Compared with the guide (2007), the guide (2011) has added inkjet digital printer, satellite flexographic printer, imprinting equipment based on wide speed range lithography technology, and digital scanning plate making and printing integrated speed printer. Insiders believe that the entry of digital printing equipment into the key field of high-tech industrialization will help promote the process of digital printing and printing digitalization

the guide (2011) has identified 137 key areas of high-tech industrialization among the top ten industries that currently give priority to the development of information, biology, aerospace, new materials, advanced energy, modern agriculture, advanced manufacturing, energy conservation, environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of resources, marine and high-tech services. The key contents reflect the development of high-tech industries, the vigorous cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries, and the promotion of the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure Promote the transformation of the mode of economic development

in the advanced manufacturing industry, 11 kinds of digital special technologies and equipment are included. These 11 technologies and equipment are: flat paper multi-color high-speed offset printing machine, inkjet digital printing machine, satellite flexographic printing machine, high-speed web offset printing machine, multi-color gravure printing machine, intelligent multi-color double-sided printing equipment, imprinting equipment based on lithography technology, computer (CTP) direct plate making technology and equipment, green plate making technology and equipment based on nano materials In 2015, the consumption of aluminum in the global automobile manufacturing industry was about 19500kt (including recycled aluminum). The electronic shaft transmission technology and the digital scanning plate making and printing integrated quick printing machine. In addition, in the new material industry, low-carbon and environment-friendly packaging materials are included

according to the announcement, after joint research and deliberation by the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of Commerce and the Intellectual Property Office, the guide (2011) is hereby issued for reference by all departments, localities and relevant units when they can find a professional technician to carry out high-tech industrialization with the investigation and experimental equipment

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