The hottest digital printing development hot spot

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Hot spots in the development of digital printing (II)

VIII. The form of digital advertising in electronic files

whether in tiff/it or PDF format, advertising will be inserted into newspapers and magazines in the form of electronic files, because most of these publications will be output by CTP measurement systems with reference benchmarks. The biggest thing mentioned here is that the placedpdf format will allow these smart files to be directly inserted into QuarkXPress or PageMaker pages. The files can include text, images, colors, fonts and other information. It is an important factor for the smooth progress of the experiment and the accuracy of the experimental results. IX. the process control is always automatic from the digital information of the page to the print to the pixel of the page to the product. From the digital page to the final product, consider using the internal barcode to track the progress of the job from the establishment of a job to the current status. If CIP3 is an open, non private method, it is an acceptable method. Otherwise, the market has to find a better way

X. printing of variable data

whether toner or inkjet is used, electronic printing is developing rapidly, just as some new mid-range digital color printing systems are entering the market. Within less than one year, the sales volume of Xerox docucolor system, Canon CLC and dual arm electronic universal experimental machine 1000 system has exceeded the sales volume of all high-end digital printers. They have the ability to output unique direct mail and other customized products of the 2016 edition of the catalogue of key products and services of strategic emerging industries organized by the same cadre of the national development and Reform Commission

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