Decorate guerrillas in disguise, step by step

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Although there are many well-known chain and local senior home decoration companies in China, according to industry statistics, more than 50% of decoration owners are still choosing guerrillas. Why has the wild decoration, which is sneered at by the industry, always been a sweet pastry in everyone's eyes? Are they really cheap and good? Don't the owners know the risks? What it earns is that you don't know anything! A foreman who once worked in this industry revealed that we have a survival rule: solicit customers at low prices, earn profits from refueling, increase items and profits, and don't care after finishing &hellip& hellip; This is how the owner fell into the trap step by step. Because the home decoration project involves many links, is highly professional, and the work is extremely trivial, which makes it more convenient for the guerrillas to set traps. Owners who think they have earned money actually lose a lot

first, low price as bait

low price is the core weapon of guerrillas, which can often be less than 30% of the price of brand companies. Because the calculation is very rough, you can shout a very low price

uncover the secret: add money while working. In the later stage, you will definitely do enough adding skills. If you walk in a straight line, you have to turn around the house; A study can install 8 laser lights for you; The wall latex paint falsely reports the area and overcharges, etc. Because there was no formal quotation in advance, many parts were not carefully calculated, and they felt necessary in the later decoration, so they were passively increased

second, the model introduction Bureau

the second step must be to visit the site that has been or is being built. The model room made of the best workers and materials certainly looks perfect. The price is flat and the quality is excellent, so the guerrillas have chosen to decorate

uncover the secret: they will set up a model room that is not afraid of losing money every time. They just want to make the Bureau bigger to attract customers, and even give rebates to the owner of the model room to ask them to help say good words. The money lost here, of course, comes back from you

third, the contract cloth trap

because there are too many decoration projects that are too detailed, the owners who are not familiar with the industry see a large agreement, and feel that it is detailed and complete. There is a price and a seal. It is not a sales contract, just sign it

uncover secrets: there is a mystery hidden in the decoration contract. However, it takes more than a dozen pages to list the materials and processes clearly in the decoration contract. The guerrilla contract is only a rough version, which will not indicate the brand and model of materials and process practices, nor will it agree on the control proportion of additional items, let alone the liability for breach of contract. Writing it into the contract is invalid. As a result, the design scheme was changed in the later stage, adding items and materials, and the decoration cost was justifiably increased. Let alone technology and quality, and the owner has no basis to rely on and no way to control. www.jiazhuang6. COM, the most professional home decoration portal

IV. water and electricity transformation fool people

how much money is water and electricity transformation? It's hard to estimate. It's all done on site and paid in according to the party. Well, all the decoration is calculated in this way, so we can only do it according to this

uncover the secret: Hydropower transformation is the biggest profit point, and they will try their best to earn huge profits. They will tell you that you need to replace all the wires. In fact, they just connect a new wire end to the socket, and it doesn't move at all. Such a two bedroom circuit with a cost of 4000 yuan can be completed at only 500 yuan. Pipe laying and winding, on-site measurement, hands and feet, waterproof height is not enough &hellip& hellip; There are too many tricks




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