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In the good days of March in spring, another good news came to connaiden! President Zhou of Jiujiang signed a contract with connaiden a few days ago, which marks the official entry of connaiden Lanqiao into Jiujiang

in March, the spring breeze blows the willows, a season of vitality, full of surprises and joy everywhere. On March 21, President Zhou of Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province officially joined the big family of conneden Lanqiao. Jiujiang has the reputation of "nine schools of Xunyang County, which is clearly like a painting". Poyang Lake, China's largest freshwater lake, has two-thirds of the water area in Jiujiang. Mount Lu, the world cultural landscape heritage, Donglin temple, the birthplace of Buddhism Pure Land Sect, the west sea of Mount Lu, the "Thousand Island Lake" in Jiangxi, and Longyuan gorge, the "Jiuzhaigou" in the middle are all located in Jiujiang

in Jiujiang City, where people are outstanding, President Zhou made a full investigation of the local market, and had many contacts with conneden Lanqiao in the early stage. In the close contact between the two sides, he established deep trust. Attracted by the excellent quality of conneden Lanqiao brand and market development, on March 21, President Zhou rushed to the Guangzhou headquarters and was warmly entertained by Minister Chen of the investment promotion department, After Mr. Yuan, the marketing director, made a detailed complaint about the future planning and Prospect of the brand of connaiden Lanqiao entering Jiujiang market, Mr. Zhou happily signed a contract and officially announced that he and connaiden Lanqiao had made great strides towards the vibrant Jiujiang City. President Zhou not only observed the beautiful exhibition hall of the headquarters and the production steps of various products, but also admired the achievements of various special activities of the company in the past year. During the negotiation, President Zhou also established firm confidence in the development of 2015. President yuan also said that he would give strong support to Jiujiang, and he was very confident that President Zhou would make connaiden Lanqiao prosperous in Jiujiang. The two sides took a group photo and reached a deep cooperative relationship

conn? LAN Qiao integrates design, R & D, production, sales and supporting services. Give consideration to three home elements: fashion, life and function. Design concept that is more suitable for Chinese lifestyle. The mature market operation mode, perfect management service system and other advantages have been widely recognized by consumers and have strong competitiveness in the market

since the establishment of the brand, kangnaideng Lanqiao has always adhered to the people-oriented marketing concept. From enterprise employees to partners to brand end customers, they are feeling the happiness and satisfaction brought by kangnaideng Lanqiao every day. Based on healthy and fashionable products and one-stop home customization service, kangnaideng Lanqiao provides customers with full house customization and efficiently optimizes the storage needs of home life, It is our duty to continuously improve customer satisfaction and realize the marketing concept of returning home to green

I wish Jiujiang Zhou a prosperous business and a wide range of financial resources, and conn é don Lanqiao will work with them to build a more brilliant future





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