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[Erica whole house customization] the new owner of this 40 year old house prefers the bright, neat, refreshing and warm Nordic style, and hopes to thoroughly relax at home. Based on the limited space and small number of people at home, they decided to change one of the rooms into a dressing room, and the rest of the space is reduced to the standard requirements of leaving blank, reducing unnecessary compartments and building materials stacks, so as to make the treetops green and abundant skylight outside the fourth floor window, It has become an integral part of life

the householder and his wife like a simple and refreshing living space and don't like too many decorative stacks. The female owner of the house is a blogger. I hope every corner of the house is suitable for taking photos. The male owner of the house is a firefighter. He hopes to get home and relax completely

1. Porch design:

as soon as you enter the room, divide a porch to guide the moving line, and make a personalized comparison with the light, simple and refreshing space tone of the whole room by matching the dark walnut skin shoe cabinet with the tile floor

2. Living room design:

since it is bright, neat and refreshing as the keynote, the living room is surrounded by many compartments, cabinets or falling boards, striving to restore the spatial scale. The floor is also paved with light white ultra wear-resistant wood floors, which together extend the sense of openness, especially with natural wood texture, so that the center of life area is not easy to flow into empty and cold white, containing a little warmth and distinctive characteristics

in the living room with jumping out of the standard pattern configuration, the TV wall does not choose the right facade of the entrance, but is configured in the central area, which does not want the sofa to form a road rush facing the channel and hinder the free movement line of the open pattern. Moreover, with this TV wall compartment, the public area is divided into several small corners, and each turn and move can enjoy different life interests

3. Kitchen and Restaurant Design:

originally, the kitchen wanted to install a glass compartment to avoid the escape of oil smoke. Later, it maintained a transparent and series connection with the guest restaurant, hoping that there was no cut-off pattern, so that the light and vision could move freely, increasing the existing sense of space and brightness. Since the kitchen and the public domain are the background of each other, the white system board and DuPont artificial stone countertop group are specially selected to form the L-shaped system kitchen utensils, and then assisted by the carefully matched totem wall tiles and solid wood handles, giving consideration to beauty and practicality

in the dining room between the living room and the kitchen, the furnishings exude charming Nordic style dining tables and chairs, and a black elegant chandelier hangs above it, which condenses into the visual theme focus. One side is lined with white kitchenware, and the other side reflects the skylight outside the window, creating a simple and warm dining atmosphere

4. Rest bar design:

since it has the inherent advantage of facing the outer window, it specially increases the width to increase the amount of light, and then matches with a row of blue organ curtains. Through the color contrast and the considerate design that can adjust the opening position, it achieves the effect of partial shading without shading, and improves the brightness of the room

5. Master bedroom design:

maintain a simple and neat style. The master bedroom restores the spatial scale. There is no display cabinet or bed board, only the main wall at the head of the bed is painted gray. Together with the walnut solid wood leather sliding door leading to the dressing room, it creates a calm and quiet style. As for the door panel leading to the bathroom and laundry room at the end of the bed, it hopes to be invisible, so it is decorated with the facade with line cutting, which is cleverly integrated into the background

6. Bathroom design:

a total of five kinds of tiles are used in the two bathrooms, each of which has its own type and style, such as stone hexagonal tiles and black hexagonal floor tiles for public bathrooms, blue ceramic wall tiles and three-dimensional face tiles for master bathroom, which make the small space look exquisite and exquisite





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