Prevention and emergency treatment of the equipmen

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Prevention and emergency treatment of basket equipment accidents

1 Before the basket equipment leaves the warehouse, the safety performance of the following parts must be checked to ensure that they are qualified before they can be put into use:

1) limit device Braking device

2) soon after the safety lock

more than 3/4 of them are hot-air plastic granulator 3) lifting device (including manual lifting device)

4) wire rope locking device

5) electrical safety device

6) whether fasteners are loose

7) whether welds are cracked

8) whether moving parts are blocked

9) whether there is enough oil in reducer and transmission device

10) load test should be carried out according to 125% of the approved load (uniformly distributed load)

2 The basket equipment can be put into use only after it has passed the inspection of a legally recognized testing and inspection institution and obtained a safety certificate

3. The equipment shall be checked before the operation every day to ensure that the equipment is used under normal and safe conditions, and the inspection records shall be made

4. The basket equipment should be checked regularly in actual use:

1) after two weeks of actual work, the steel wire rope should be checked according to the provisions of 2.4.1 and 2.4.2 in gb5972

2) the safety of the following contents should be carried out every six months for the basket that is not set up:

a) disassemble all parts and check their corrosion and the wear, deformation and damage of loaded parts

b) reliability of electrical devices and components

5. Maintenance

1) in case of failure or abnormality of the hanging basket during operation, it should be stopped immediately and repaired by full-time personnel

2) it is not allowed to overhaul the basket in the air. In special cases, reliable safety measures should be taken before maintenance

3) problems found in daily inspection and regular inspection should be repaired in time

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