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Prevention and control technology of coal and gas outburst

coal and gas outburst is one of the serious natural disasters in the process of coal mining. Because of its sudden nature, it does great harm to the safety of production personnel Because the outburst mechanism is still in the hypothesis stage at present, and the factors affecting it are random, it is still difficult to completely control its occurrence, but after taking some effective measures, it can still avoid or reduce casualty accidents According to the current law, with the increase of mining depth, the possibility and harmfulness of outburst are becoming more and more serious. For example, when mining shallow coal seams, gas dynamic phenomenon has never appeared, and when mining to a certain depth, gas dynamic phenomenon will appear

In the initial stage of gas dynamic phenomenon, gently inclined coal seams mostly appear in the form of extrusion, which is difficult to distinguish from the phenomenon of spalling The steeply inclined coal seams are often inclined by the self weight of the coal body, and this phenomenon is difficult to distinguish from the roof fall phenomenon Therefore, to judge the nature of gas dynamic phenomenon, experienced professional institutions need to comprehensively judge whether the mine has the three elements of coal and gas outburst through measured coal seam gas pressure, sampling analysis and testing and on-site investigation, so as to avoid misjudgment and unnecessary losses to production The basic technology and equipment to judge the gas dynamic phenomenon are generally not available in the mine where the gas dynamic phenomenon occurs for the first time, so it is difficult to conduct correct identification, so it needs to be identified by the unit authorized by the State Administration of coal mine safety Similarly, in an outburst mine, due to the influence of geological conditions, the change of mining area or mining conditions, after years of mining practice, there is no gas dynamic phenomenon again. It is also difficult to make a correct judgment on the real cause of this phenomenon In order to find out the cause and make a correct judgment, it is also necessary to make on-site investigation, measure the gas parameters, take samples for analysis and test, and comprehensively judge whether the outburst mine does not have the three major factors of outburst In order to treat this work carefully and avoid major personal injury and death accidents caused by wrong judgment, the title of outburst coal seam or outburst mine can be revoked only after it is confirmed by the original appraisal unit "Reconfirmation of coal seam outburst risk in newly-built outburst mines

in newly-built mines, the outburst risk of coal seams is determined by the basic data provided by the geological exploration department. These data are generally determined according to the gas, gas dynamic phenomenon data of adjacent mining areas or mines and the physical and mechanical properties of coal seams, and have a certain degree of credibility. Therefore, the design specification of new mines must clearly determine whether the mine is a outburst mine, and The design shall be carried out according to the corresponding technical requirements, so as to avoid the shutdown and bushing repair phenomenon caused by the gas dynamic phenomenon after the mine is put into operation and the mine does not have the production conditions to prevent outburst, which will cause major economic losses or gas accidents to the newly put into operation mine Although the basic gas data provided by the exploration department has a certain degree of credibility, it has not been verified. Therefore, during the construction of the new mine, it is necessary to further verify the credibility of the judgment of the coal seam outburst risk during the exploration period, so as to adjust the measures to prevent and control outburst in time. During the construction of the new mine, it is also necessary to re verify the coal seam outburst risk according to the actual situation of exposing each coal seam# Outstanding measures for comprehensive prevention and control

coal and gas outburst is a natural phenomenon, which is sudden and incompletely knowable. It is difficult to prevent it completely According to the actual situation, the existing prevention and control methods of outburst in China should first find out the area and scope of its occurrence, take necessary prevention and control measures, change the basic conditions for its occurrence, so that it does not occur or reduce its intensity, and take necessary safety protection measures to ensure the safety of construction personnel It can be seen from the above ideas that the problem of coal and gas outburst is still relatively prominent in China's coal mines at present To this end, relevant professionals are organized to write this draft and publish it in batches for the reference of relevant professional management and technical personnel

coal and gas outburst work is no longer a single technical measure, but a complete set of comprehensive outburst prevention and control system engineering, which we call comprehensive outburst prevention and control measures It is now described in two parts; Highlight prediction, measures and effect test Prominent prediction can be divided into two types, namely regional prediction and face prediction

The purpose of prediction is to use the limited outburst prevention funds and manpower in outburst mines in the most needed and dangerous places of outburst mines, so as to improve the outburst prevention efficiency of outburst mines and reduce the production cost of outburst mines According to the statistical data, the outburst section of the outburst mine only accounts for () *% +) of the total mining area or total excavation length. The purpose of prediction is to distinguish the sections of () *% +, as far as possible It is obviously quite difficult to use the prediction method to accurately distinguish the prominent dangerous sections or find out the prominent places at one time under the current conditions At present, the major coal mining countries in the world have failed to reach the above level

the prediction approach adopted in China is to use the method of narrowing the scope and gradually identify the prominent areas or prominent places First of all, each section and mining area in the outburst mine is divided into outburst danger zone, outburst threat zone and non outburst danger zone by using regional prediction Then, in the outburst dangerous area, the mining face is further divided into outburst dangerous face and non outburst dangerous face by using the face prediction method Corresponding outburst prevention measures must be taken in the outburst risk area or the outburst dangerous working face to improve or eliminate the three major factors of outburst. However, due to the frequent changes in the characteristics of coal seams, fixed outburst prevention measures should be taken Parameter construction is sometimes difficult to achieve the expected purpose, so measures must be taken to test the effect to ensure work safety

2. Safety measures

as we all know, the prevention and control of outbursts in outburst mines are carried out repeatedly every day. Over time, it is inevitable to make mistakes in technical equipment and ideology. In order to prevent outburst casualties caused by mistakes in this regard, the comprehensive prevention and control measures stipulate that after the implementation of predictions, measures and measures, the construction of safety protection measures must also be adopted to ensure the safety of workers

safety measures mainly refer to vibration shooting and long-distance shooting When coal falls in the working face, the stress is obviously active. When coal falls in rock blasting, the workers are far away from the working face, which can prevent the workers from being injured by the outburst induced by stress activation The protective measures include setting some safety equipment or devices or necessary organizational measures, such as reverse damper, safety refuge chamber, compressed air self rescue device, self rescuer, etc

3. The setting of special outburst prevention institutions and personnel in outburst mines

coal and gas outburst has obvious regional characteristics, and the prevention and control measures and means adopted by various regions or mines are also different, so the prevention and control of coal and gas outburst is a highly professional work, and the outburst prevention personnel not only need the basic professional knowledge of mining, rock pressure, physics, chemistry and other aspects, but also need to accumulate rich practical experience, The rich practical experience comes from the accumulation of outstanding data, especially the attempt to use the ability of big data to empower traditional industries, which is the outstanding data accumulation of the mine Therefore, it is very necessary to set up special institutions and personnel for management in outburst mines, which is very beneficial to accumulate outburst data and cultivate outburst prevention talents, which is very important for the management and prevention of outburst in outburst mines Experience tells us that for outburst mines that attach importance to this work, the prevention and management of outburst is very formal, and the occurrence rate of outburst accidents is low From another point of view, the school has not yet been able to cultivate prominent prevention and control professionals to meet the needs of the primary plastic products made of PHA in the prominent mine. Its waste is easily decomposed into CO2 and H2O by many microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and algae in the ecological environment, which does not pollute the environmental well. Therefore, if the prominent mine wants to work safely, it must be based on cultivating its own required prominent prevention and control professionals

4. Preparation of outburst prevention and control plan for outburst mines

according to the mining plan of mine production, combined with the outburst danger zone and outburst threat zone divided by regional prediction, the annual, quarterly and monthly outburst prevention and control plan of the mine is formulated, with the purpose of incorporating the outburst prevention and control work into the normal production plan of the mine, so as to strengthen the management of outburst prevention and control work In addition, according to the arrangement of the mining plan and the regional prediction results, we can know the outburst risk degree of the mining area and coal seam to be mined in advance, prepare the prevention and control measures and arrange the human and material resources in advance. At the same time, we can also make light, heavy, slow and urgent arrangements for the mining area or working face in advance according to the outburst risk degree, so as to make the prevention and control work orderly In this way, the impact of prominence on production can be minimized

a. new outburst mines, new levels, requirements for new mining areas when they are put into production

new mines, new levels, new mining areas when they are put into production, various production facilities are completely complete and have production conditions, but when the engineering equipment and safety facilities specified in the prevention and control outburst design do not or do not meet the specified requirements, after forced production, it will inevitably cause serious harm to the safety production, which can provide 100 lb of experimental load If it is reluctantly put into production and then restocking, it is bound to cause the production and safety can not be taken into account Therefore, when a new outburst mine is built, the new level of the outburst mine and the new mining area are checked and accepted, and it is found that the engineering equipment or safety facilities specified in the outburst prevention design do not meet the requirements, do not check and accept and hand over to production

b new outburst mines, new levels of outburst mines, and coal seam outburst prevention and control design should be prepared in the design of new mining areas

the quality of outburst prevention and control effect of outburst mines depends on whether outburst prevention and control are considered in the mine excavation plan, and the prevention and control that must be done before mining. 4. The main configuration of product machinery of film tensile testing machine: outburst engineering For example, whether there is mining protection to be mined, whether the ventilation system can meet the ventilation requirements of the outburst working face, what form of outburst prevention measures should be adopted according to the outburst risk of the coal seam, and what engineering preparations should be made, which need to be studied and determined before the coal seam mining In order to do a good job of outburst prevention and control, it is necessary to plan the above determined plans and facilities, and prepare a special design for outburst prevention and control of outburst coal seams

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