Prevention and treatment technology of fire in the

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Prevention and treatment technology of fire in heading roadway, chamber and coal mining face

I. treatment of fire in heading roadway

after a fire occurs in a single heading roadway, the control of local ventilator is the key. After a fire, no one is allowed to stop the operation of the local ventilator and actively extinguish the fire while maintaining normal ventilation. After the mine rescue team arrives at the scene, it is necessary to maintain the ventilation status of the single head roadway, that is, the running fan, do not stop; Don't start the fan that has stopped running blindly, and decide whether to start it after reconnaissance. If the gas concentration in the fire roadway is lower than 2%, start the fan to smoke and cool down. If the gas concentration is higher than 16%, don't start the fan to avoid gas explosion

if there is a place where gas accumulates on the air inlet and return side of the fire roadway (such as blind roadway), it should be closed to avoid gas explosion caused by fire. Different parts (entrance, middle and head-on) in the single heading horizontal roadway have their own characteristics. In case of a fire in the head-on, there is generally no task of saving people, so we should concentrate on extinguishing the fire. Once the air duct is burnt out and the tunnel is lack of oxygen, the flame will not spread inward without limitation, but burn outward in the wind, and even ignite the combustibles in the tunnel through the air flow. The middle part of the fire is the most difficult to deal with, and it is most prone to gas explosion, which will expand casualties. When the personnel are rescued, they should be decisively closed from a long distance

when the fire occurs in the head-on of the single head coal roadway up or down the mountain, under the condition of ventilation, the gas concentration is not more than 2%, and the fire can be put out directly; If the gas concentration exceeds 2% and continues to rise, personnel should be evacuated immediately and closed from a long distance. If the fire occurs in the middle section, do not put out the fire directly, but close it at a long distance

no matter where the fire in the Datou Coal Lane on the mountain occurs, if the local ventilator has stopped running, it is strictly prohibited to enter the fire fighting or reconnaissance when there is no need to save people, but it is necessary to evacuate the nearby personnel immediately and close it from a long distance

II. Prevention and treatment of chamber fire

the underground coal mine is equipped with electromechanical chambers such as substation, powder magazine, winch room and charging chamber. In order to prevent fire, these chambers must be supported by non combustible materials; It is strictly forbidden to use bulbs for heating and electric stoves indoors; Gasoline, kerosene and transformer oil are not allowed to be stored in the chamber, and residual oil and waste oil are not allowed to be spilled in the chamber; Lubricating oil, cotton yarn and cloth heads used underground must be stored in tightly covered iron barrels; The used cotton yarn, cloth head and paper must also be placed in a tightly covered iron bucket, and sent to the ground regularly by a specially assigned person for treatment. It is not allowed to throw them randomly according to different uses; If electric welding, gas welding and blowtorch welding must be carried out in the main chamber, safety measures must be formulated and carried out after approval; It is necessary to correctly select, install and use underground electrical equipment, use non flame retardant antistatic cables, and hang them as required. Junction boxes should be used at the joints and filled with cable oil; A certain amount of sand, rock powder, fire extinguishers and other fire-fighting equipment should be stored in the chamber; The main chamber shall be equipped with fire-proof iron doors; There is a certain amount of air flow through the chamber, etc

once there is an open fire in the chamber, the on-site personnel should try their best to put out the fire with the fire-fighting equipment around them (power off before electrical fire), and report to the mine dispatching room in time

when the explosive material warehouse is on fire, the detonators should be transported out first, and then the explosives. If it cannot be transported out due to high temperature, close the fire door and retreat to a safe place. When the winch room is on fire, the tramcar under the fire source should be fixed, or the tramcar should be placed in the lower yard to prevent the tramcar from hurting people by burning the steel wire rope

when the storage battery garage is on fire, in order to prevent hydrogen explosion, the power supply should be cut off, the filament should be formed, the charging should be stopped, the ventilation should be strengthened, and the storage battery should be transported out of the chamber in time. In case of a fire in the chamber, the fire door should be closed immediately. If there is no fire door, the air should be hung so as to control the air inlet. After the economic crisis, the market of the traction machine industry has experienced a significant recovery to put out the fire

when the fire chamber is located in the main air inlet of the mine, the air should be reversed or the fire smoke should be short circuited. When it is located in the air inlet of the mining area, short-circuit ventilation or local reverse ventilation can be adopted if conditions are met

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