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Analysis of common problems in CD-ROM printing

common problems and solutions

in the process of CD-ROM printing, technicians often encounter various problems. The following are some common problems

1. printing electrostatic problem

the material of CD is PC material, which is easy to generate static electricity in the printing process, and this phenomenon is very common in silk printing. In the process of silk printing, the reciprocating motion of the rubber scraper causes friction between the cloth and the disc. In addition, the relative friction motion between the rubber scraper and the disc will also produce a large amount of static electricity, which will eventually lead to sparking and leave black spots on the surface of the disc

to solve this problem, Guangdong Veolia and Zhaoqing Guosheng adopt electrostatic devices, which are very effective. According to Mr. Fan Weichang of Guangdong Veolia, under the premise of relatively constant temperature and humidity in the printing workshop, the main disadvantages of these two transmission modes can be eliminated through conductive brushes: the former requires regular lubrication, and the electrostatic device can effectively solve the printing electrostatic problem. In addition, we learned from the interview that controlling the temperature and humidity in the turnover area, installing a humidification system in the printing workshop or refitting the blanking rod of the printing machine are also good ways to solve this problem

2. CD warpage problem

in fact, poor adjustment of printing pressure, improper selection of ink, incorrect curing time and curing temperature will not only affect the printing quality of the CD, cause CD warpage and deformation, and even destroy the information of the CD itself. In response to this phenomenon, Mr. Gong ideal, workshop director of Guangdong new universal experimental machine Feishi Laser Technology Co., Ltd., made the following analysis

the material of the disc is PC material. If the printing pressure is too high, the PC material will be deformed. Although some small deformations cannot be seen with the naked eye, they will change the digital information stored in the disc. In particular, DVD discs are made by bonding two discs with adhesive. Excessive printing pressure will cause dislocation and deformation, which will affect the quality of discs

if the ink is not selected properly, the shrinkage of the disc during UV curing is too large, which will also cause the disc to warp and deform. The quality problem of optical disc caused by ink shrinkage has always been a concern of people in the industry, because once the optical disc shrinks excessively, it will not only affect the flatness of the optical disc, but also make the beam unable to focus when professional equipment reads data. Therefore, the ink is required to have no shrinkage or a small degree of shrinkage during UV curing, that is, to achieve "low shrinkage". In silk printing, because the printing ink layer is relatively thick, the shrinkage phenomenon is also very serious. Similarly, if the ink curing time is too long, the ink curing temperature, the proportion of various raw materials, the current and voltage of the electromechanical and other parameters are detected too high, the optical disc will also be deformed

for the warpage of the disc caused by the excessive printing pressure of the offset press, teacher Chen Deshan suggested that the printing pressure of the offset press should be adjusted appropriately before the disc is officially printed. First, before the ink roller is inked, let the roller run for about half an hour, and then beat the ink on the ink roller evenly and then drop the ink roller to keep the uniform ink on the printing plate. The second step is trial printing and debugging to determine a relatively ideal printing pressure. Note that in order to maintain the amount of ink transferred on the disc, the printing pressure should be appropriately increased during debugging. The third step is to adjust the printing speed

3. Lack of standards for proofing

in production, CD printing enterprises generally provide printed copies to customers for their signature and confirmation. In the interview, some interviewees reported that the process of confirming samples with customers was very troublesome and time-consuming. Because there was no objective standard, wrangling occurred from time to time. It is understood that in actual production, the forms of original materials delivered by customers are very diverse. Some customers provide sample discs, some customers provide films, and some customers provide electronic documents. Mr. Fan Weichang of Guangdong Veolia said, "some of our special customers, such as canon, Dell, Epson, etc., are more concerned about the color of the finished CD printing products (black of Dell computer, green of Epson). It symbolizes the image of the enterprise itself and is part of its overall publicity. Therefore, they will provide standard colors and stick a square color sample on the sample disk as a note, The color of the finished disc printing product must be within its established floating range ". In the face of this complex situation, CD manufacturers can only make appropriate adjustments according to their own production habits in combination with the contributions of customers until customers are satisfied

4. disc mixing phenomenon

the disc mixing phenomenon mentioned here refers to the mixing of different types of discs after printing, or the mixing of a side and B side of a variety of discs. This phenomenon occurs from time to time in the printing production of optical discs, which affects the production efficiency of optical discs and greatly increases the scrap rate. Of course, the problem of mixing discs can be effectively solved by detecting the disc ID code with special detection equipment. However, to fundamentally solve this problem, Mr. He Hongguang, a printing process engineer of Zhaoqing Guosheng laser technology production Co., Ltd., proposed to standardize the operation behavior of employees and the placement of materials, ensure the accuracy and reliability of testing instruments, and ensure that only one kind of CD is placed on a machine table during printing in the production process. In addition, Mr. He also mentioned that if it is a performance index that will not cause brittle fracture, the trial printed discs will be directly discarded if they are mixed in the finished products

a high-quality CD-ROM printing product is inseparable from the experience accumulation of operators and the level by level check of production links by managers. The above experience recorded in the interview is just a drop in the ocean of CD printing technology. There are still many things we need to continue to learn and learn from each other

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