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How about ASUS Enshi 6 intel core 8 generation i5 2019 configuration? How about heat dissipation

1. The screen image of the machine is relatively clear and runs fast. The interior parts are turned on for about 7 seconds, which is very satisfactory overall. There is no pressure in daily work and watching movies. The software is very smooth when opening many pages

2. Mainstream games such as hero League, dungeons and warriors, tianyaming, and then attract enterprises to participate in the military civilian integration technology transaction yuedao. These can be played, and the appearance is also good. They also give a mouse pad. Because it is a student party, the seller also provides office software and PS installation, which is a good computer at this price

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III. ASUS Enstone 6 intel core 8 generation i5 price quotation:

price: ¥ 4299.00

double 12 price: ¥ 3999.00

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