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Anqin launched Mini

Anqin Technology (Avenue) launched Mini itx motherboard for the electronic billboard application market. Electronic billboards have been widely used for many purposes, such as tourism guide, information provision, advertising marketing, interactive multimedia, and even beautifying the environment. Therefore, the special motherboard for electronic billboards developed by Anqin Institute supports +12v DC power input, and provides the best system selection for the 5-member inch, high-quality effect and multi-functional system management needs of the Dachi Jinhu Rili nose team

the acp-945gds of the fanless electronic billboard motherboard of Anqin adopts Intel Atom N270 low power consumption processor, and the acp-gm45ds with fan management system adopts Intel Core 2 due mobile processor. The two mainframes are widely used. The defense industry board has built-in sodimm slots, which support 2GB to 4GB DDR2 SDRAM. The main board of Anqin electronic billboard integrates the 3D drawing engine of Intel GMA architecture, and has the ability of Full HD video playback decoding. Combined with Realtek 5.1 channel high-definition audio, it can transmit more and more close cooperation with parts manufacturers and automobile main engine manufacturers to deliver excellent audio and video effects. Anqin electronic billboard application motherboard supports multi screen settings, and can support VGA, DVI, LVDS and HDMI presentation modes, with a maximum resolution of 2048x1536. The connected video distributor can be applied to all kinds of large TV walls

acp-gm45ds supports Intel iAMT 4.0 system management. It has the function of remote network management. For system managers, they don't need to be on site and can solve problems at the user end at any time, even when they are not powered on. It also integrates TPM security chip to provide system security defense mechanism, so that the system is not easy to be invaded and data is not stolen. Anqin ACP Series Mini itx motherboard provides elastic interfaces, including PCIe x1, mini PCIe, PCI, USB 2.0, com, SATA, CF, 2 sets of high-speed Ethernet connections, keyboard and mouse, 8-bit di/o, etc

Anqin industrial motherboard provides a variety of choices of cooling modules, a variety of mini itx chassis, and bios/driver/embedded operating system customized services, and provides long-term supply of parts and components for three to five years. Product quality is the first consideration. Anqin product 1 - the pressing depth under the initial experimental force F0; After strict quality standard inspection, it is true for both standard products and customized solutions

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