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assist in offshore wind power construction | Shantui Jianyou concrete mixing ship shows "divine power" again

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on January 15, the 2*hzs180c concrete mixing ship with the widest size, the largest storage capacity and the largest continuous output, which was built by Shantui Jianyou for CCCC customers, successfully achieved the goal of launching large node

the concrete mixing vessel is one of the landmark projects of the reconstruction of shantuiyou project. It uses the Sanhang 16 purchased by the customer from shantuiyou many years ago to carry out modification and upgrading, and is specially tailored for the construction of HKBCF Island wall of Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge. The concrete mixing ship is an international non self propelled crane ship with box hull, longitudinal skeleton and single deck steel welded structure. It has two sets of bone and powder storage equipment, two bone and powder transportation (including weighing), concrete mixing and production of finished concrete transportation and pouring system. The two pumps can produce up to 250 cubic meters of concrete per hour, with a continuous output of up to 200. Now I'll tell you how much test bar the 300KN tensile testing machine can test. 0 cubic meters can safely complete loading, mixing and the transportation and pouring of finished concrete. The mixed powder and materials of port and starboard bones can be used interchangeably. The aggregate cabin is fully enclosed with a hatch cover to prevent dust, and has advanced waste concrete treatment cabin technology

this transformation task is a system engineering with strong technicality and high requirements for safety and stability. Whether the piston of Shantui overflow valve is dead or installed reversely. Jianyou will start to upgrade the product after full communication and on-site demonstration with the customer. Since the construction period is in summer, the temperature in the cabin can sometimes reach more than 50 degrees. The after-sales service engineer of Shantui Jianyou overcame the influence of high temperature and devoted himself to the function transformation and improvement of the whole ship. Through their efforts, they have built on high-density silicon columns and sensors. Now they install and fix the concrete mixing machine on the ship, and then form a mixing operation flow system on the ship through the concrete mixing machine and related supporting equipment. With special structural treatment, the concrete mixer of Shantui Jianyou has greatly enhanced the wind and wave resistance of the concrete mixer of the water platform, so that the equipment can continuously maintain the balance and stability of the hull in use, realize the accurate calculation of various materials, and meet the requirements of the water environment

in the next step, Shantui Jianyou concrete mixing ship will be transformed into a mobile concrete production plant on water, which will become another tool for customers to explore the offshore wind power market, help the construction of HKBCF Island wall of Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, a national key project, and create greater value for customers

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