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With its innovation and solution system, arcoma improves sustainability, color and performance

from April 10 to 12, 2019, please visit the A100 booth of arcoma at China INTERDYE exhibition in Shanghai Expo and Convention Center, China

on April 2, 2019, in reinach, Switzerland - as a world leading enterprise committed to sustainable solutions for color and professional chemicals, Angao will show you its system solutions at the China INTERDYE exhibition, committed to optimizing the production of textile industry and creating value in the printing and dyeing manufacturing process

Angao provides a wide range of dye and chemical combinations, aiming to improve sustainability and innovation throughout the value chain from fiber to finished products

at the China INTERDYE exhibition, visitors will personally experience how Angao helps them create value in textile application and market promotion

all systems and innovations displayed by Angao are derived from the "way of Angao": "safety, efficiency and enhancement". We have no doubt that Angao's original intention will make the sustainable development of the textile industry possible

automobile and transportation

in 2018, Angao completed the acquisition of M. dohmen Duowen company. Angao can now provide preferred dye and chemical combinations, which are very suitable for synthetic fiber and wool and their applications in the automotive field

Angao also decided to establish a new global automotive and synthetic dye functional center in M. dohmen factory in Germany, and the automotive expert group will provide innovation and application technical support to global automotive customers

Angao will show 3. The system solution that makes full use of local natural materials and waste materials is especially suitable for textile manufacturers in the automotive and transportation markets, such as the recent:

light fast car solution, which is a system specially designed to maintain the color depth, brightness and lasting fastness of fabrics on the basis of fadex as new (a new "super UV protector")

Angao's experts will also show a new and complete solution specially developed for the synthesis of microfiber suede materials, which effectively integrates Angao's high sun fastness dye dorospers K A, flame retardant pekoflam and three anti fouling and easy decontamination additive Nuva n

outdoor and sportswear

Angao helps the outdoor and sportswear industry bring all kinds of creativity to the passionate and colorful life: take the S-type experimental machine sensor as an example to make the equipment better resist various extreme weather conditions from heat wave to rain; Provide temperature control and protection function scheme, as well as soft and comfortable finishing

Angao has developed a new system solution specially designed for value-added outdoor and sportswear applications:

Color vibe, a system based on super high color fastness, metal free *nylosan s high concentration acid dye to keep nylon sportswear bright, durable and washable

odor management scheme odor active, based on sanitized odoraciv 10, the dual odor tube melt temperature can be reduced by 20 degrees. The system can absorb human sweat odor, effectively reduce the adsorption of odor prone bacteria on the fabric, and prevent the annoying stubborn odor from immersing into the beloved sportswear

jeans and casual wear

Ngog is famous for its continuous breakthrough innovation and provides a unique combination of solutions for denim manufacturers, such as:

earthcolors, a series of dyes made from non edible natural waste in the agricultural and herbal industries, or the recent

"purest indigo" solution: denisol pure indigo, "Synthetic pre reduced liquid indigo" without aniline * launched in 2018

in addition, various new systems developed by Angao can also be applied to denim and casual clothing:

denim vibe, a vulcanization system for manufacturing bright navy blue denim with high efficiency; It is developed on the basis of pre reduced sulfur dye ocean blue

indigo scheme indigo f has developed some new packaging materials for this. "Low, based on the above new denisol pure indigo, we produce real denim without damaging an indigo system without aniline * on our planet

indigo reflection is developed based on the new type of diresul smartdenim blue, which behaves like an indigo dyeing system, but the processing process is more sustainable and efficient

stay dark, a complete system of durable dark blue denim with exclusive technology of diresul RDT


Angao helps its customers stay at the top of the textile processing chain at all levels, focusing on value-added, accelerating time to market and improving sustainability

Angao provides tailor-made system solutions for textile manufacturers and brand merchants, bringing innovation and inspiration to their creation:

deep dive, a water-saving and efficient complete dyeing system based on drimaren ultimate HD reactive dye with high promotion rate

whitewater enables T-shirts to maintain whiteness and brightness for a longer time without any waste. This technology is based on biodegradable, ecological certification requirements, and integrated blue magic pretreatment technology

for baby clothes, stamp it safe printing scheme, which is a formaldehyde free printing system based on helizarin SFT (adhesive designed for high fastness), has a soft feel and is more friendly to us and our planet

for children's clothing, power cotton, a system that can improve the wear resistance of comfortable cotton by more than 5 times

color inspiration and management

visitors to the Angkor booth can also explore the "Angkor color management system", which is a unique tool specially provided for fashion designers and stylists. They can get ready-made inspiration, which can be applied to production with just a few clicks

the color atlas has 4320 colors to choose from, and you can log in: the system view, which is almost twice the similar tools available to textile and fashion experts at present

"with our professional color and performance system solutions, we add color to people's lives in areas such as cars or sportswear every day," explained Mr. liujingping, sales director of Angkor China: "This is why ongo is committed to constantly challenging the status quo and believes that we can make our industry sustainable. We create color and chemical technologies to help textile manufacturers provide more innovative and sustainable textiles and clothing to win their own market."

please come to booth A100 of Angao company

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