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Aryaka builds a high-speed global dedicated network for enterprises

sd-wan is being pursued by the industry. It uses the characteristics of cloud computing and software defined network to enhance the automatic configuration and flexible transmission function of the network in the wide area. Sd-wan maximizes the efficiency of each network transmission link. Moreover, sd-wan has begun to show great market potential. According to IDC's prediction, the sd-wan technology and its service market will reach US $6billion by 2020

many large or multinational enterprises often spend a lot of investment in Wan (wide area) services, such as purchasing MPLS, dedicated lines, etc., to provide stable and reliable network connections between data centers or between data centers and branches. However, with the advent of cloud computing and the increasing complexity of user needs, the shortcomings of traditional WAN services are becoming more and more obvious, such as poor flexibility, high cost and so on

at this time, sd-wan is being pursued by the industry. It uses the characteristics of cloud computing and software defined networks to enhance the automatic network configuration and flexible transmission functions in the wide area. Sd-wan maximizes the efficiency of each network transmission link. Moreover, sd-wan began to show great market potential. According to the prediction of market research company IDC, the sd-wan technology and its service market will reach 6billion US dollars by 2020

Gary sevounts, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of aryaka

aryaka is a company focusing on sd-wan, and it is reported that it will plan to conduct an IPO in the next two years, or become the first share of sd-wan. Recently, aryaka CMO Gary sevounts visited China. He introduced the unique value of aryaka sd-wan to ZD Zhiding

aryaka builds a high-speed global dedicated network for users.

enterprises can build a global dedicated network by connecting to aryaka's core network. Gary sevounts said that from the perspective of the whole industry, aryaka is the only company to establish its own pop node in the world. The 26 nodes in the world cover almost 90% of the business and economic centers. Users can connect to this global high-speed proprietary network in 30 milliseconds

Gary sevounts further pointed out that aryaka's network is designed to solve traffic problems. First, it has a very low delay. Second, it has almost zero packet loss rate, and it has the reliability of dedicated lines and the flexibility of interconnection

in fact, the network built by aryaka is not difficult to understand. Aryaka deploys pop points around the world, and its services cover all continents. There are multiple operator level two-layer physical dedicated lines interconnected between pops, which are dedicated line resource pools. Each pop point has functions such as intelligent routing, data compression, data deduplication, QoS, TCP optimization, cloud connection optimization, etc. Through the whole process network optimization, ensure the full high-speed, stability and safety

aryaka's sd-wan network is applicable to the construction of enterprise intranet, realizing the network interconnection between global branches and the optimization of remote access of enterprise mobile users. It is very simple for enterprises to connect branches to aryaka's network. By connecting branches or IDC to the nearest pop node through Internet lines or special lines, you can get this high-speed private network, software defined wide area, visual network, wide area optimization, CDN and other functions

it is reported that for branches that use low bandwidth or delay links in the first or last kilometer, because this actually refers to a process, ryaka can also provide a device to improve the transmission performance of this kilometer. In addition, this box is used to establish IPSec access to aryaka's core network, and it will also be maintained and managed by aryaka

aryaka helps enterprise it transform into core competitiveness

of course, it is not the first time for enterprise IT departments to encounter wide area problems, including packet loss and delay caused by long-distance transmission of cross-border data, lack of guarantee of interconnection quality of public interconnection, poor network stability and other problems, but network connection is the foundation, so as the article said, enterprises often invest a lot in WAN services

gary sevounts talked about the scene he saw recently when he went to a large enterprise in Singapore. This company has 21 suppliers dedicated to solving connection problems, including deploying MPLS, leased lines, and purchasing wide area optimized boxes, even sd-wan suppliers. In addition, it also helps the company that used to use the method of visual network management, which was widely used in the 670s and 10s of the last century. Moreover, this is not a small team, and the sub price is distributed in all regions of the world within a reasonable range. However, even if it is not a small investment, they spend as much time as last month when they plan to open a network in a new place

gary sevounts stressed that there are many problems faced by enterprises, such as long implementation time of network opening and high overall operating costs. However, aryaka can perfectly solve these problems. Aryaka's core network is an integrated WAN service, which requires very few or no it teams to operate and maintain. Enterprises only need to connect the network to aryaka, and all the work behind it is done by aryaka to help enterprises

the types of network acceleration implemented by aryaka include enterprise cloud access such as ERP and CRM, as well as enterprise cloud access such as SaaS. Gary sevounts said that the important thing is that the development of these technologies is still in progress. Aryaka's solution requires only one third of the price of traditional wide area optimization solutions, and two to ten times their high-performance connections, and a software defined network can be deployed globally in one to three days, This is impossible for tradition

in Gary sevounts' view, it is undergoing a core transformation, which is also the result of his communication with many CIOs and CTOs. They hope that it will become a senior partner of the enterprise, not just a support department. It can help enterprises better improve efficiency, reduce expenses and carry out business flexibly. For the WAN services provided by aryaka, the same two enterprises set up factories in a certain area to carry out business. The enterprises that choose aryaka can open network connections and operate business more than a month in advance, which is the core competitiveness it has transformed into for enterprises

gary sevounts said that this is not a change in technology, but an ongoing change in the entire business model

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