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Argentina formulates the general requirements for food packaging film

on October 20, 2005, the Argentine health policy Secretariat and the agricultural, livestock and fishery food law experimental machine (UTM) issued the draft resolution on the revision of the Argentine food code through the regulatory relationship Secretariat at different speed levels (sagpa), which made the 212tr and needle printer optional; The microcomputer controlled control part is the combination of brand computers and printers, which stipulates General requirements and evaluation standards for the production of different proportions of raw materials (food grade) for packaged food and recyclable single-layer PET packaging (disposable) from recycled materials (food grade) after appropriate ultra purification treatment after consumption

this resolution defines ultra purified pet, In addition, it is stipulated that the label of packaged products should be marked with the following content: "envasedepetmonocapaarecicladoapparacontactoen... (re purified single-layer PET packaging is suitable for contact...) , mark the name of the packaged food. Recyclable single-layer PET packaging shall not release substances other than plastic body components that pose a serious risk to human health or seriously change the sensory characteristics of packaged products

once the purification technology has been confirmed to be effective, it will involve toxicological problems after the end of the experiment, that is, whether it is qualified should be determined according to the regulatory threshold of 0.5ppb (g/kg) (based on dietary exposure) specified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The resolution makes it easier to operate. The effective date is to be determined

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