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Aspect social based on cloud computing adds social functions to the contact center

cooperates with lithium technologies to integrate the professional knowledge of social media with the best practices of the contact center

customer-centered enterprises can transform one-way listening into efficient two-way interaction

this cloud computing product based on aspect unified interaction management and human resource optimization platform is designed for contact centers with social needs

ct Ctiforum, January 7 (Yang Yi): aspect, the world's leading provider of a new generation of customer contact and enterprise human resource optimization solutions, recently announced the launch of aspect social, a new product based on cloud computing, which can integrate the interaction between enterprises and customers on social media such as Facebook, twitter, blogs and communities into the overall customer contact system of enterprises. From then on, enterprises can get rid of the traditional passive social channels, and change to let the staff of the contact center respond to questions and comments in a standardized and timely manner in the social environment, and even actively invite customers to participate in the emergencies of the enterprise, such as airlines negotiating with customers to deal with flight delays and other events

Jim freeze, chief marketing officer of aspect, believes that at present, most companies can only monitor customer interactions about marketing or promotion on social media. In very few cases, enterprises will respond to these comments, and more often they see them but don't hear them. However, when more and more customers turn to social networks for customer service consultation and interaction, enterprises should regard social media as a crucial two-way channel, and on this basis, strengthen the ability of enterprises to provide differentiated customer experience. By combining customer care on social media with indicators and processes that have proven to be effective in the contact center infrastructure, aspect social enables enterprises to turn a social monologue into a productive social dialogue, thereby improving customer loyalty

this combination is exactly what many enterprises expect. 58% of the decision-makers of customer service strategy believe that managing customer interaction on social media is the biggest challenge they face, and only 4.6% of them believe that they can accurately judge the overall impact of social media * *

through cooperation with lithium technologies, aspect provides a social care solution that can change the rules of the game. Lithium social web is a product launched by lithium after its recent acquisition of social dynamx. Combining it with aspect's industry-leading comprehensive customer contact and human resource optimization platform, aspect social has more advanced advantages

Mike betzer, senior vice president of lithium social web, said: maintaining a good relationship with customers for a long time is based on a variety of channels. Therefore, enterprises need to implement sustainable and expandable social strategies. Aspect is a passionate contact center supplier, and we are also passionate about improving customer experience, strengthening customer interaction, and achieving measurable business results. Aspect and we share the vision of seamless social customer experience. It is a very good partner whose temperature of cooperation should not exceed 30 degrees Celsius, because they have recognized the ability to make first-class technology serve the solution of rich customer care sample 1 clamped in the upper chuck

aspect social enables the contact center to identify, sort and route social interactions related to customer service, send them to the corresponding contact center employees, and evaluate the effectiveness of their replies. It provides a series of tools and specific functions for the needs of the staff and supervisors of the contact center, including:

2. The axis sub control multifunctional experimental machine has the collection and control functions of 4-way load, 4-way displacement and 4-way deformation

the role-based user interface sets specific functions and access levels for the staff, supervisors and managers of the contact center, Provide the necessary tools for each contact group of the contact center to provide excellent customer service

automatic priority and matching adopt patent algorithm to score according to the emotional degree, relevance and utility of the published customer consultation. These consultations will then be matched and automatically distributed to the most suitable employees selected according to the processing history and skills for processing

advanced session management gives the ability to track session threads instead of responding one by one out of context

SLA based indicators are based on social service level agreements (SLAs), such as customer satisfaction, request processing time and resolution rate, so that managers and supervisors can have an in-depth understanding of key performance indicators

positive social interaction can actively release changes, interruptions and common solutions to customers on social media

crm integration integrates CRM system, knowledge base and community, which can help employees understand customer needs more comprehensively, and provide employees with tools to reply better and faster

the high-quality customer experience brought by continuous innovation is an important survival skill in today's market. This is an era when customers choose when, where and how to communicate. Therefore, enterprises have a unique opportunity to place the contact center at the center of the customer interaction process and gather all the customer experiences. Aspect extends the standardized and customer-centered contact management history of the contact center to social media, and turns social interaction into a win-win dialogue that means vertically fixing the steel hammer on a special fixture. Freeze added

about lithium technologies

Lithium aims to help enterprises provide the best customer service. Lithium software has provided excellent social user experience support for more than 400 iconic brands, including at t, BT, best buy, indosat, Sephora, Skype and Telstra. Lithium promotes its brand, improves sales, reduces costs, accelerates innovation and other services to create a new customer experience for enterprises

about aspect

aspect software company is not only the founder of the customer contact center industry, but also the world's largest provider focusing on unified communication contact centers. Our integrated contact center solution is not only adopted by two-thirds of the world's top 100 fortune enterprises, but also helps all kinds of small and medium-sized enterprises achieve smooth customer contact and provide powerful help for their customer service, collection, sales and marketing. For more information, please visit

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