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Aquafil expands nylon refill in China. The metal of the pen head and the pen holder that are difficult to degrade will pollute the environment. The production of composite materials

the pneumatic pipe joint tensile testing machine of Italian nylon resin Jinan testing machine factory meets the requirements of the standard gb/t14514.1 ⑵ 013. The factory built in Jiaxing by aquafil spa, a fiber manufacturer, will expand the production scale of nylon engineering plastic composite materials used at this year's K exhibition

Denny Meng, a spokesman for the company, said that the initial capacity was 3500 tons, and the capacity would be increased based on the local market development trend in 2011 and 2012. The specific production increase time has not been determined

with the increasing demand of global customers and the improvement of people's living standards, auqafil also added 15million pounds (about 6800 tons) of compound production capacity at its factory in Cartersville, Georgia

aquafil will sell its main composites under the trade name aquamid. Sustainable composites will be marketed under the trade name econyl. This green product is based on industrial post nylon and commercial post materials produced by aquafil's internal fibers

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