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At the beginning of the mission, set sail for a new journey - the ingenuity of the global glass office space has been upgraded

forge ahead for another year, carry forward the past and forge ahead for a new journey. Bid farewell to 2019 and forge ahead. A new 2020 is coming to us with hope. At this wonderful moment of failure in these departments to leave the old and welcome the new, the global glass is ready to go. It is planned to enter the Shenzhen Bay science and technology ecological park in early 2020 to create a brand-new office environment and meet the new journey with a brand-new face

settled in Shenzhen Bay science and technology ecological park

after a long-term site investigation, Shenzhen Bay science and technology ecological park, located in the core area of the CBD of Shenzhen Bay super headquarters, has won the favor of global glass with its superior geographical environment, excellent vision, open physical space, and highly compatible innovative ideas

Shenzhen Bay science and technology ecological park is located in the core area of Shenzhen Bay area, focusing on strategic emerging industries and connecting important functional areas of Hong Kong and Shenzhen. The transportation is extremely convenient and the location conditions are very superior. After its completion in 2012, it was promoted to the landmark of Shenzhen Bay, with more than 1000 innovative enterprises settled, including important institutions of world-class enterprises such as Huawei, Tencent, Airbus and 50 listed companies represented by SF

the top-level core business district, with a panoramic view, an invincible sea view and a comfortable and bright office space, all the glassmen are full of expectations for the new office environment and have more confidence in the future development

according to the relevant staff at the construction site, the decoration project of the new office is being carried out in an orderly manner. The decoration style adopts industrial style design, and the overall decoration work is expected to be completed before and after January 15, 2020. At that time, a new office creative space full of light industry style and internationalization will be presented to you

(on-site decoration construction drawing)

the upgrading of the office space is a leap in strategic development for global glass, the most powerful evidence of the platform development momentum, and a new starting point for the continuous development and growth of the company. It indicates that the global glass is about to enter a new round of golden development period, marking that the global glass has entered the fast lane of rapid development. The future of the global glass industry is expected. At the beginning of 2020, global glass will officially enter Shenzhen Bay science and technology ecological park, forge ahead and start again

temperature and diversified space design

prospect the new office is located on the 26th floor of Shenzhen Bay science and technology ecological park, with a floor area of about 2000 square meters. It will spend millions of dollars to build a multi-functional luxury office area. There are public negotiation area, public large and small meeting rooms, coffee exchange area, leisure and fitness area, product exhibition area, etc. up to 100000 times, bringing 25 cold-rolled ribbed steel bars for employees to have a beautiful and harmonious office environment. In addition, the 270 degree arc landscape large balcony is more than 300 square meters, overlooking the sea view of Shenzhen Bay, with a broad sea view

following the corporate culture of "happy work and happy life", the design of the new venue joined by the prospect follows the creative concept of "people" as the core, and all supporting facilities are people-oriented, aiming to create a high-end high-quality office environment that can breathe, relax and have temperature

when you are tired of work, you can come to the 270 ° open ocean view circular screen balcony, sit here, drink coffee, and the sun is warm Outside the window, you can have a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery of Shenzhen Bay. No matter where you are, you can enjoy the most beautiful sea view and the widest vision, and your inner healing feeling is about to overflow. You can also have a cup of coffee in the coffee exchange area and take a short rest in the rest area. Besides relaxing your body and mind and cultivating your sentiment, you can devote yourself to work with more enthusiasm

Founded in 2008, global glass () is an e-commerce service platform for the glass industry chain, including supply and demand information, industry information, product quotation, talent recruitment, station construction, brand promotion and other projects. Through promotion services for merchants, brand value is improved and benefits soar

since the development of global glass, it has always adhered to the service concept of "sincere service and considerate after-sales", committed to providing warm services for every glass enterprise, and won the unanimous recognition and praise of the industry. Standing at a new starting point in 2020, global glass will do its best to display and print, and try its best to bring a better service experience to every customer and help enterprise partners create a win-win situation

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