Research on the most popular folding packaging box

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Research on folding packing cases (V)

VII. Raw material sources and equipment selection

① invite bids from domestic and foreign raw material and equipment manufacturers. ② PVC materials and formulas at home and abroad, extruders, injection molding machines and production lines at home and abroad are adopted. Special assembly lines and auxiliary equipment at home and abroad

VIII. Feasibility and competitive advantage of the project

5. Answers to business questions encountered in the implementation

① who will buy this new product? All large, medium and small enterprises, including people from all walks of life who need to use packaging, will buy it. Because a change of packaging, such as a change of clothes. Cheap and beautiful clothes are sure to be bought. And will compete to buy

② why do customers buy this product? What kind of needs can it meet? Because this product is beautiful, practical, cheap, and the use of high-quality new packaging is good for improving the taste of goods and protecting goods. At the same time, the price of similar products with the same materials has a great advantage. When compared with other cartons, its performance in after-sales service (100% recycling system) makes customers feel at ease, cost-effective and not at a loss. At the same time, its use price is cheaper than that of cartons

③ how to distribute products to customers? Through product quality publicity, environmental protection effect publicity and after-sales service publicity. Local supply companies directly face customers and deal with customers on the

④ what is the innovation and uniqueness of the product? Is it patent protected? The product can be folded, fixed, covered or uncovered, with smooth lines, good shape, like a small container, light weight, practical and refreshing. Chinese patent No. ZLX (as shown in figures a, B and C)

⑤ what is the advantage of the new product compared with other products

the reinforcing ribs of traditional plastic boxes are T-shaped. The reinforcing rib of the new product box is grooved (hollow), and the latter saves material and has higher strength than the former. Better appearance. This processing method and this style have not appeared in domestic and foreign markets, and are the first

⑥ what are the competitive advantages of new products: why can't competitors simply imitate

the new products are easy to fold and recycle, and a series of sizes and specifications are complete due to the good performance of a series of plastics and their cost advantages. Large scale enterprise production meets environmental protection requirements. The new product has the most concise patented technology (hollow trough plate as the main structure) to assemble the box, and makes the main structure of the box the simplest and most reasonable design. The cost of production and imitation through several large-scale equipment is very high

⑦ can new products make money? How about the cost and price

as commodities from all walks of life need packaging, the market has great potential. New products have great advantages in design, materials, processing efficiency and scale. Nevertheless, the new products should take the principle of small profits but quick turnover to occupy the market. When new products are becoming a treasure chest for the common people, the application risk of new materials will be paid for, which will produce good economic benefits

IX. economic benefits

in the market economic environment, any product or project must make profits within a period of time, otherwise it will be eliminated by the market. To gain a foothold in the market, we must have good technology and healthy image. In short, we should be cheap and good. The project has four new advantages of new enterprise, new technology, new product and new image. Break the traditional production mode of plastic boxes, and adopt the processing method of extruding plates and assembling (A and D are synonymous with the front) into boxes. And fast PCU in medical conditions more stable and efficient production line, so that product quality and efficiency are further improved. In addition, the core technology of the product is also a strong guarantee for economic benefits. Because the reinforcing ribs of the product are hollow grooves, the strength of the box body of the product can be guaranteed, beautiful and practical. Each panel of the product can be extruded continuously, and the efficiency will be 1/3 higher than that of the original product. It can also save 1/8 of raw materials in terms of material formulation. These three aspects contribute to the strong competitive advantage of the product. The preliminary design weight of large box is 40kg and the size is 21m × 1m × 1m (effective size) at a cost of RMB 400. The sales price is 500 yuan, the profit is 100 yuan/month, the monthly output is 10000 tons, about 250000 large containers, the total business volume is 125million yuan, and the profit generated is 25million yuan (before tax). (to be continued)

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