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With the rapid development of network technology, it has become an efficient and convenient way to implement relay protection technology information management system through web. Aiming at the design and development of practical relay protection technology information management platform, this paper studies and discusses the overall planning, design ideas and core technologies of the platform, and defines the structure, functions and implementation methods of the system. Through the application of relay protection technology information management system in Shajiao A power plant, the design idea of this paper is verified, and good results are achieved in practical application

key words: relay protection; Drawing management; Vectorization; AutoCAD secondary development

technical information management system research of relay protection

li Zhi Xing, Cai Ze Xiang, Xu Zhi Hua, Li Jun Da, Zhu lin

(Electric Power College of South China University of technology, Guangzhou, 510640, China)

abstract: with the development at full speed of the technology of the network, realize through Web way that the technological information management system of relay protection has already become a high-efficient, convenient realization way. This paper regards designing and develop the practical technological information management platform of relay protection as the goal, expounds overall plan, mentality of designing and key technology in platform and determines systematic structure, the function and way of realizing. The application of the technical average information management system of relay protection of Shajiao A power plant have verified the design thought of this paper and make better result during real application

key words: relay protection, drawings management, vector, secondary development of AutoCAD, The situation requires that the relay protection specialty must change the existing backward management system, management methods and means, and establish a networked and unified information management system. Therefore, it has become a very important and meaningful work to develop a practical and targeted relay protection management information system by using the new computer application technology to liberate professionals from the tedious daily management work. From the design point of view of the general platform for relay protection technology information management, this paper studies and discusses its functional requirements and design methods, and puts forward specific solutions to the core technical problems encountered in the development process

2 demand analysis of relay protection technology information management system

relay protection is an industry with high requirements for modern technology. The establishment of a standardized and practical information management system will change the phenomenon of data confusion in the past management work, improve the management level, and promote the development of networking and informatization. In general, a practical and standardized relay protection technology information management system should include the following parts:

(1) drawing management: the core of relay protection information management system construction is drawing management. These drawings are not only managed statically and in the sense of archives, but also managed dynamically in the production design process under the network environment, which conforms to the drawing business process and realizes the functions of drawing production, approval, browsing, query and transmission under the shared environment

(2) document management: manage documents, data and recorded information through the network. Users can control the creation of directories, support the browsing and transmission of various types of data through the network, use keywords to query documents, and use digital signature technology to electronically sign documents to ensure the security of documents

(3) fixed value management: for different types of relay protection in different systems, it is necessary to sort and count the relay protection data by categories, and build various standardized forms. It realizes the query of setting value based on various types of protection and the query of microcomputer protection control keywords. All forms can be generated automatically, or users can customize the appropriate template output

3 construction process of relay protection technology information management system

according to the actual demand analysis, a standardized and practical relay protection information management system should specifically involve the following related aspects. The system construction process is shown in Figure 1

4 key technology of relay protection technology information management system

4.1 discussion and analysis of vectorization of drawing scanning. Due to the lack of perfect management means for the existing relay protection drawings, the vast majority still use manual drawing and manual management. Different design units have different drawing methods, and the drawings are stored in a variety of ways. Therefore, the format of drawings should be unified first. The existing graphics files can be divided into two categories: one is bitmap file, and the other is vector image file. The former describes the graphic image in the form of dot matrix, and the latter is a graphic image composed of geometric elements described by mathematical method. Because the latter expresses the image carefully and truly, it is necessary to convert all the drawings into vector graphics files. Since AutoCAD has become a de facto standard for 2D engineering drawings, it is usually converted to DWG format of AutoCAD. At present, the technical personnel in the power industry are not familiar with computer knowledge, especially AutoCAD. If all drawings are to be redrawn with CAD, the workload is too large. In practical application, drawing by Scanning Vectorization is a practical and efficient method

4.1.1 basic principle of scanning and vectorization

the basic principle of this method is to use the scanner to scan and store the pre drawn drawing in the computer. After the pre-processing of the drawing, the vectorization tool is used to convert it into a vector file in DWG format, so as to indirectly realize the drawing of the drawing. The vectorization function in the popular sense includes three parts: image purification, raster and vectorization. Image purification can process the stains in the drawing; Raster can be used for global rasterization; Vectorization includes character recognition and recognition type

4.1.2 introduction to vectorization tools

vp series is an excellent raster and vectorization software, which can be associated with AutoCAD, including raster, full-automatic vectorization or human-computer interaction vectorization. In a short time, the user can get the modified raster whose output and demand are continuously increasing images and excellent vectorization results, and can also immediately dynamically connect the results to AutoCAD. In general, VP combined with AutoCAD can provide a good processing means for raster image vector conversion of relay protection drawings and graphic data processing

4.1.3 operation steps of Scanning Vectorization

the vectorization process should correctly identify graphic information and various other useful symbol information (charts, words, etc.), and filter out useless information (stains, creases). First, the initialized scanner should be used to scan the drawing to form a raster file. In this process, attention should be paid to selecting the appropriate scanning resolution, scanning type and saving type of drawings. Then vectorization processing: input raster file; Raster data; Raster save operation; Vectorization (setting parameters for data conversion and background processing); Vector for manual text recognition; Output vector file

4.2 drawing with the secondary development of AutoCAD

relay protection drawing contains rich graphic information, but the relay protection drawing redrawn by Scanning Vectorization or other tools is only some simple graphical symbols, which can not save various attributes other than the graphic, and it is extremely inconvenient to use the drawing. Therefore, how to realize the Association between graphic elements and attributes is a key part [1]. As the representative software of CAD drawing and design, AutoCAD is familiar to engineering designers. At the same time, AutoCAD provides a powerful integrated development tool - VBA. By making a special relay protection drawing tool through VBA, you can complete the drawing of the prominent problem that the graphic element is restricted by new materials or strategic emerging industries on the drawing, and you can customize the graphic element attribute dialog box, add the graphic element attributes to the database during the drawing process, so that the graphic element is associated with the attributes

4.2.1 tool menu development

autocad menus include drop-down menus, icon menus, button menus, etc. All menus are generated from the U file. Users can modify the contents of this file to customize the menu according to their needs, make the common graphic elements of relay protection into an intuitive and visual icon menu, and use the menu bar, toolbar or right-click menu to draw, so as to improve the drawing efficiency

4.2.2 design of database

relay protection drawing, as a professional drawing, has a wide variety of elements, so it is necessary to sort out the elements and design a reasonable data structure. Each component in the database is designed into a two-level table structure: basic attribute table and parameter table. The basic attribute table can include the drawing name, component name, component coordinates, processing date and block type of the element. The ID is used as the primary key of the basic attribute table, and the parameter table corresponds to the specific parameter type of each component

4.2.3 design of component library

classify the elements to be drawn in the drawing, such as two winding transformer and three winding transformer, and design the macros corresponding to each element through VBA. The key technology includes:

(1) database association: open the drawing database corresponding to the element

(2) define component ID: each component is identified with a unique ID number as the primary key of the attribute table

(3) define block: create a block reference and add the geometry of the entity to the drawing

(4) add attribute tag: extract the attribute reference information and save it to the database

(5) attribute: extract the ID value and attribute of the component from the selection set

(6) add common attribute: create a selection set, and assign all elements in the selection set to the common attribute added by the first component on the drawing by cycling. Only the first element in each drawing needs to add a common attribute

(7) associated components: there is an electrical association between the primary and secondary diagrams of relay protection drawings, but the primary and secondary diagrams are represented separately in engineering drawings. Therefore, when drawing drawings, it is necessary to add an index between related components, which can be automatically added by manually picking related components or searching for components with the same name. By establishing the correlation between various protection devices, it can provide convenience for field personnel to read drawings and query faults [2]

4.3 publishing AutoCAD drawings

autocad DWG format files can be placed on the, but they cannot be browsed directly on the page. Therefore, Autodesk has developed DWF format. Although it is also a vector file, compared with DWG file, DWF format has small file size and can be infinitely enlarged and reduced. It is very suitable for up transmission and browsing. It is an ideal way to share graphic information. In AutoCAD 2

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