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Research on color business printing paper (Part I)

today, when black-and-white printers have been basically popularized in homes and offices, color business printers have become the trend of development. No matter in the field of business or in the home, digital stationery has excellent heat resistance and stability. Color printing is more and more popular because color is a fast, powerful and attractive expression tool with strong visual impact. Especially in business, color can convey relevant information more clearly and effectively by highlighting some key details. Some studies have pointed out that color can increase readers by 40% for information transmission, improve people's understanding by 75%, and improve their learning ability and interest by 75%

in the process of black-and-white document and image output, although the inkjet printer has many advantages, such as low price and good image output effect, it also has many shortcomings, such as poor text printing effect, short service cycle of printing consumables and high cost. Compared with ink-jet printer, laser printer has obvious advantages in text effect and printing cost, especially in character accuracy. The printing effect can be comparable with that of factory printing; Therefore, with the vigorous development of home, enterprise and business office applications, black-and-white laser printers have firmly monopolized the document printing market, and show a strong upward momentum. The document output medium of the black-and-white laser printer is mainly paper. Generally, there are no special requirements for this kind of paper, but it is required that the paper has good evenness, high whiteness and flat surface. At present, computer printing paper and electrostatic copying paper are used more, and ordinary printing and writing paper can also be used

on the contrary, in the field of color printing, color inkjet printers are widely used because of their low price and the use of water-based inks, which will not emit charged toxic fine particles during the printing process and endanger people's health. For the color laser printer, although its image resolution is high and its color stability is good, the color density and fidelity of printing are difficult to be comparable with that of color ink-jet printing. Therefore, inkjet printer plays a dominant role in color image output

color inkjet printing technology has entered the Chinese market for more than ten years, but it has developed rapidly. It has been widely used in office automation, digital photography, advertising production, computer graphics, CAD renderings, geographic information systems, remote control mapping, printing proofing and other fields

based on the principle of color inkjet printing, the printing paper used in color inkjet machines requires high performance, and ordinary inkjet printing paper cannot be used; On the contrary, the requirements for color laser printing paper are not very high. Only color laser printing paper with waterproof, moisture-proof and weather resistance requirements needs to be specially made

2 classification of color business printing paper

due to the continuous development of printing technology, there are a wide variety of printers used for color document and image output. According to the principle of color printing, the full-color printing methods can be roughly divided into: inkjet printing, color laser printing, thermal upgrading printing and thermal induction printing. Accordingly, according to the output mode and output requirements of color printing equipment, color business printing paper can be divided into color inkjet printing paper, color laser printing paper, thermal induction printing paper and thermal sublimation printing paper

2. 1 color ink-jet printing paper there are many kinds of ink-jet printing paper, but color ink-jet printing paper is different from ordinary paper. Color ink-jet printing paper should have good ink absorption and ink fixation, which can not only absorb water-based ink, but also prevent the ink from spreading to the surrounding, so as to maintain the original color and clarity completely. The printing performance of color ink-jet printing paper mainly depends on the structure and function of its ink absorption layer. It is not only necessary to absorb the ink quickly and evenly to prevent color swimming, capillary phenomenon and through printing during the drying process of the ink, but also to ensure good printing quality, good color reduction, good ink dot roundness, high printing concentration, high color density and color intensity, especially for high gloss photo paper grade color ink-jet printing paper, It is required that the printed image should be clear, the printing density should be high, and the color brightness, detail level and color fastness should reach the level of silver salt photos

color ink-jet printing paper can be divided into ordinary color ink-jet printing paper, matte coated color ink-jet testing user printing paper focusing on firmness and glossy xubu color ink-jet printing paper. Among them, glossy coated color ink-jet printing paper has the best performance and the highest price, with high gloss, high whiteness, good ink absorption, clear image level, saturated color and strong color expression, It is similar to the photo image effect, but its liquid absorption speed and water resistance are reduced. It is the highest grade inkjet printing paper and is widely used in commercial fields

2.2 color laser printing paper

color laser printer is a high-quality color printing output device with low cost and high efficiency. However, compared with the color ink-jet printer, the image printing effect of the color laser printer is not very good, which is reflected in the dark color saturation of the overall picture, less transition levels, and closer to the image effect of printed matter rather than silver salt photo. Moreover, a layer of silicone oil is always attached to the printing surface of the output document of the traditional color laser printer, and the reflection of the whole picture is strong

the imaging principle of the color laser printer is similar to that of the black-and-white laser printer. Both use laser scanning to form a charge latent image on the selenium drum, then adsorb the toner, and then transfer the toner to the printing paper. However, the black-and-white laser printer only has one kind of black toner, while the color laser printer uses four kinds of toner: yellow, red, cyan and black. Based on this, the performance requirements of color laser printing paper are not very high, as long as it has high whiteness, flat paper surface, small difference between two sides, and less loss to printing equipment. However, if it is to be used for making high-grade effect drawings, tender documents, exquisite brochures introduced by the exhibition organizer and some special purposes of waterproof and moisture-proof, the base paper shall be processed to obtain good color printing effect and corresponding functions

2. 3 color thermal induction printing paper and thermal sublimation printing paper

thermal induction printing is a special thermal induction printing paper after special treatment. It is an advanced technology integrating silver salt photography and thermal recording. The printing process does not require ribbon and ink. The printing paper itself contains yellow (y), magenta (m) and cyan (c) dye layers. When the printing paper receives the heat energy of the print head and the ultraviolet fixing lamp, the color will be released

thermal sublimation printing also uses thermal induction technology. Its principle is to "move" the color dye to the printing medium through some means that he hopes Juhua technology will take the project commencement as an opportunity to form a gorgeous image. Dye thermal sublimation transfer printing uses special paper for output. The output effect is delicate and exquisite, and the image quality can be comparable to that of silver salt photos. Although thermal sublimation printing has a good effect, it is difficult to be popularized in the business field due to its slow printing speed, high requirements for printing paper and high printing cost

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