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Research on general automatic packaging machine model

[Abstract]: a new research method is proposed. Based on the modular design, the topology structure of the packaging machine is designed from the overall function of the packaging machine, and an ideal automatic packaging machine model is obtained

key words: automatic packaging machine; Topology design; modularization; With the development of science and technology and the intensification of market competition, the demand of customers has become higher and higher, and the cycle of product upgrading has become shorter and shorter. Therefore, packaging machinery is required to have good flexibility and flexibility, so that the life of packaging machinery is much longer than the life cycle of products, so as to meet the economy. This requirement is also reflected in the following aspects: first, improve production efficiency; second, adapt to the needs of product updates and changes; third, provide remote diagnosis services; fourth, based on environmental protection, reduce noise, dust and waste; fifth, minimize equipment purchase investment and price as much as possible. The topological structure design provides a scientific and reliable method for the design and innovation of packaging machine

1 topology design

in terms of design concept, it should take the needs of users as the design goal, and combine the concepts of flexible design and modular design. One machine can be used for multiple purposes, or a small number of parts and components can be replaced to complete different functions; Through topology design, mechanism innovation is realized to meet the packaging needs of different products

1.1 overview

topology represents the positions of various objects as abstract positions. Topology doesn't care about the details of things, nor does it care about the proportion of each other. It only shows the relationship between things within the scope of discussion, and shows the relationship between these things through a graph. And it is connected in a certain structural way to realize interconnection. This connection is called "topology"

this concept is introduced to design the topological structure of the mechanism based on the overall function of the packaging machine. The topology design not only needs to consider the kinematic requirements of the mechanism, such as motion certainty, motion output characteristics, but also the requirements of the control system and drive system, such as control decoupling, driver position selectivity, etc. On the basis of deeply and systematically revealing the internal relationship and regularity between the topological structure and function of the mechanism, the mathematical model of the topological design of the mechanism is established, which reduces the empirical factors in the design, and develops the system theory and method of function oriented creation of new mechanisms

1.2 classification of topological structure design

topological structure innovation design is divided into two categories: mechanism integration innovation and original mechanism innovation. Mechanism integrated innovation means that the known basic mechanism (meta mechanism) and its meta functions are reorganized to realize the overall function and principle innovation of more complex mechanism system. The known meta mechanism and its sub functions are the basis of mechanism integrated innovation knowledge base. The original innovation of mechanism is to discover new basic mechanisms with specific functions, which can be directly developed into new products, and can also be used as a meta mechanism for mechanism integration innovation. It can restart the process by adding another batch of fuel, expanding the meta mechanism space in the knowledge base

for the automatic packaging machine, the meta mechanism here refers to the functional modules of the mechanism, which have a certain degree of independence and can complete the packaging. Therefore, the static friction between the force measuring cylinder and the force measuring piston becomes a certain action mechanism in the process of dynamic friction. In a narrow sense, mechanism integration innovation can be seen as the division and design of a series of functional modules based on the functional analysis of such new 3D printing composite materials for products with different functions or functions, different performance and different specifications within a certain range received from machinery manufacturing and 3D printing enterprises in Beijing and Shanghai, It is a design and manufacturing method to form different products to meet different market needs through optimal selection and combination of modules

in a broad sense, mechanism integration innovation is not only limited to the requirements of quickly realizing packaging changes through the reorganization of meta mechanisms, but also to the overall function and principle innovation of more complex mechanism systems, and to construct its mathematical model, which provides a reliable basis for developing more advanced packaging

1.3 topology design process

for specific design tasks, we need to select a reasonable model to solve. Based on the application of topology mechanism design at home and abroad, three levels of topology structure design process are proposed, namely, product meta mechanism decomposition (modular decomposition), module series design and new product configuration and assembly

(1) modular decomposition

the complete set of packaging machinery is a complex mechanical system, and the division of its modules must be controlled to a certain extent. If the module is divided into too many parts, it has high universality, but it loses the significance of modular decomposition; If the modules are divided too roughly, the high degree of functional integration will affect the flexibility of module assembly, and the relative independence of functions can not be fully reflected. Therefore, when dividing modules, we should not only consider the separation and combination between modules, but also ensure that the modules have certain independence and integrity in function; Simplify the complexity of the module as much as possible to avoid confusion in module combination and reduce the reliability of the system

(2) module series design

module series design should start from the overall function of the packaging machine. Generally, its flexibility and flexibility must be considered in the design of packaging machinery and equipment, which are specifically reflected in the following three aspects:

first, the flexibility of quantity, which can not only package a single product, but also different batches of products

the second is the flexibility of structure. The whole equipment is composed of units. Changing one or several units can adapt to product changes

the third is the flexibility of supply. Unit combination can be adopted to supply all units together

therefore, the modular series design should be based on the principles of standardization and specialization to provide a rich resource base for the assembly of the packaging machine, so that the actions of the executive parts of each module can be coordinated. Standardization can make mass production possible and greatly reduce the production cost of products. Modularization is a new form of standardization. The international packaging industry attaches great importance to improving the general ability of packaging machinery processing and the whole packaging system, so the specialization and standardization of packaging machinery parts production is the inevitable trend of development

(3) product configuration and assembly

when designing and developing new packaging equipment, we should first comprehensively consider the packaging object, and select basic modules with different uses and performances according to the required operations to form the required model mechanism. At the same time, appropriate mechanism motion principles are selected and combined to fully realize the mechanism required for undetermined motion. Such as connecting rod mechanism, cam mechanism, etc. In the design process, the influence caused by uncertain factors should be minimized to make the mechanism tend to be stable. Dynamic analysis of the mechanism is still required during juice design to improve the running speed and stability of the machine. In addition to the mechanism design, other ways to realize each function should also be considered. The advantages of various packaging machines can be referred to in order to optimize the combination of the product

the advantages of modular equipment are obvious. The flexible modular structure expands the functions and adaptability of the machine, enables the equipment to realize self diagnosis, quickly determine the fault point, and make maintenance and adjustment easier. Moreover, it has clear pertinence and does not involve or affect the normal modules

2 modeling of automatic packaging machine

decompose the meta mechanism of the packaging machine, master the functional characteristics of each basic mechanism, reorganize and design the original packaging machine according to customer requirements, and improve and innovate the packaging machine to obtain a model machine that can realize multi-functional and complex operations

with the topological structure design, the establishment steps of the general automatic packaging machine model can be simplified as shown in Figure 1 below:

with the development of mechanical automation, the requirements for packaging machines are becoming higher and higher. Its development tends to be monopolized, the production of parts and components is specialized, and it is developing towards intelligence. The method of topology design provides a broad platform for the research of packaging machine model. Through module reorganization and innovation, and considering the kinematics of the mechanism, the reliability of the model is higher

it mainly produces single machines, while most foreign countries use complete sets of production lines, and few single machines are sold. In China, there are many single machines and few complete sets of food and packaging machinery, many general-purpose models, and few equipment that meet special requirements and special materials; There are many products with low technology content and few products with high technology added value and high productivity; Intelligent equipment is still in the development stage

together with the United States, Japan and Italy, it is a big country in the world of packaging machinery, and takes a leading position in the design, manufacturing and technical performance of packaging machinery. The design of German packaging machinery is based on the results of market research and market analysis. Its goal is to serve customers, especially large enterprises. In order to meet the requirements of customers, German packaging machinery manufacturers and design departments have taken many measures:

(1) the degree of process automation is becoming higher and higher to improve productivity and equipment flexibility and flexibility

(2) improve production efficiency, reduce production cost and meet production requirements to the greatest extent

(3) integrate product machinery and packaging machinery. Many products require direct packaging after production to improve production efficiency

(4) it adapts to the changes of products and has good flexibility and flexibility

(5) computer simulation design technology is widely used. It greatly shortens the development and design cycle of packaging machinery

learning from foreign advanced technology can broaden our thinking in topology design and modeling. Taking the improvement of production efficiency as an example, in addition to increasing the speed, we can also try to solve the problem through other channels: first, continuous work or multi head work. The second is to reduce the scrap rate and provide a fault analysis system. The third is to integrate production machinery and packaging machinery. These provide more information for the comprehensive analysis and design of packaging machine model

in addition to the above factors, it should also be noted that the design of modern packaging machines should meet the requirements of "green design", that is, humanized design. It is a comprehensive design for quality design, assembly design, manufacturing design, maintenance design and reliability design. Safety and other factors shall be considered to fully reflect principle optimization, structure optimization, manufacturing optimization and modeling optimization

4 conclusion

using topology design simplifies the design process of packaging machine model, shortens the design and manufacturing cycle, and enhances reliability; It is convenient to realize standardization, serialization, generalization, integration and openness

Author: caojujiang, zhangliping School of mechanical and electrical engineering, Shaanxi University of science and technology

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